Back to the Whole30, again

It seems the last time we did the Whole30 was maybe five years ago. I remember it well, very well. The last time we did it, Blue Eyes was hospitalized on Day 27. Funny, not funny. I also did learn a few things about myself after blood work. Although my blood sugars go down (a very good thing), and my weight goes down, eating the recommended fats on the Whole30 cause my triglycerides to skyrocket. Also, the Whole30 is technically an elimination diet, and well, it doesn’t help any of my allergy related problems.

I have, however, decided to do the Whole30 again because, I really needed to do a diet reset, and the Whole30 is rigid. Sometimes I need rigid. I was eating anything and everything I wanted albeit in smaller quantities than in the past. Although I could stand to ultimately lose 20 more pounds, my weight has been steady over the past few years after the 25 pound weight loss in 2018. Being able to maintain that weight loss is very important for my health, but I also want to feel better about what I eat. I needed a plan that would make me accountable and the Whole30 is great for that as I have to pay attention to everything I eat now. The Whole30 is just that, eating Whole Foods for 30 days. After the Whole30 I will definitely add back in some dairy and whole grains and my beloved legumes, all in moderation. Sugar is a demon I am constantly fighting, so hopefully 30 days of no added sugars will tamp the beast.

The Peacemaker and I commenced the Whole30 on Monday, January 30th. Blue Eyes eats what I cook when he is home, but his system goes wacky when he doesn’t have some simple grains and when he eats too much vegetable fiber, so he’s on an altered plan. In January Blue Eyes and I were in Japan, and then the Peacemaker flew down to LA and we dragged Blue Eyes to Disneyland, mainly so he could experience the new Star Wars area and Rise of the Resistance. He loved it, but as most know, Disney food options aren’t the best. We came home kind of blah and I haven’t really been cooking healthy meals for a while. Food delivery had become our lazy standby.

I have made a few choices for myself regarding the Whole30 diet. I do not consume coconut oil. It simply does not metabolize well with my system. We’re sticking to olive oil and avocado oil and ghee as a treat. I’m staying mostly away from red meat and choosing poultry and fish options often. So far I have made every single meal at home and we are now through Day 11. I feel so much better. My stomach is so much less bloated after eating (a serious problem post menopause), and I have a lot more energy. I have struggled with getting my calories up to 13-1400/day, which is my goal, but I’m getting there. I’m mixing things up a bit and trying recipes with different flavor profiles and ethnicities, to keep things interesting. I don’t have a lot of concrete goals right now other than to keep blood sugars regulated and to feel better. A little weight loss would be amazing. I’m now back in the habit of cooking whole meals. That was a goal.

Here’s a little taste of the past 10 days:

Left to right, top to bottom:

1) Tostones (plantains) with carnitas, super greens, cilantro, homemade salsa, and avocado

2) Baked NZ Salmon with Avocado cream topping and a big salad with mustard dressing

3) Pork tenderloin with grilled eggplant, coleslaw, and roasted sweet potatoes

4) Asian chicken lettuce wraps and spicy garlic green beans

5) Crab Bisque

6) Kale coleslaw and air fryer fried chicken with almond flour

7) Breakfast egg roll in a bowl with fried egg

8) Chef’s salad with a side of watermelon

9) Barbecue Chicken, coleslaw, and air fryer roasted sweet potatoes

There were other great meals too, like salisbury meatballs with zucchini, and sweet potato mash, healthy scrambles, instant pot chicken & vegetable soup, Whole30 butter chicken with tons of veg, and Turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes and spinach. It’s amazing what you find when you Google Whole30 recipes. 😂

We’re obviously not suffering, although I do spend a lot more time in the kitchen to make this work. I thought I would crash with no chocolate, but I haven’t. When that craving for chocolate threatens to tip me, I’ve got a smoothie recipe up my sleeve with unsweetened chocolate in it that will do the trick.

The key to success for me is not going to the store hungry, and not having anything in the house that’s not compliant. So far, so good!

5 thoughts on “Back to the Whole30, again

  1. Oh my goodness! You’ve inspired me. I like to cook, but am not always inspired and I don’t like to prepare meals with lots of ingredients M-F evenings. I simply do not wish to spend the time needed to do so. These meals all look delicious.

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    • Whole30 is a good reset because it forces me to make food at home. To make it work for me, I do need to plan out meals and shopping and devote time to cooking, which resets my relationship with food. Most of these recipes are pretty easy. I’m going from spending zero time in the kitchen, to probably a couple hours a day. I’m planning to continue the trend after the 30 days, but it will be even more exciting once I’ve added back in some dairy & complex grains. Something to look forward to! 🙂


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