Hey baby, what’s your sign?

So, depending on where you are in the world, it is either my birthday or almost my birthday right now. My birth day is May 14, 1963. I am turning 52 years old. Nah, turning 52 doesn’t sound all that exciting to me either, but it is what it is. In a comment from the lovely Totally Caroline on yesterday’s post, she asked about my sign.

I am a Taurus and although I am not a huge follower of astrology and horoscopes, I ran across this description a while back and I think it totally fits, even down to the big, brown eyes and long lashes, ha.


I am not sure who writes this stuff, but Astrology.wikia.com has these interesting things to say about Taurus people (and by interesting, I mean weird. Edited because it was so freaking long):

They are very sensual, practical, secure, and faithful. They are also a fixed sign. A fixed sign is a sign that maintains stability and preserves tradition. Taurus, despite their occasional laziness, are hard workers when they want to be. they have strong beliefs and will not let anyone change them. They are the most stubborn of the zodiac when it comes to their own beliefs. Once a decision is made there is no changing it. Taurus loves stableness and security. They love their comfort zone the most and will find the best way to stay in it whether physically, financially, or environmentally. They work well with simplicity and traditional ways. They hate change and can be very possessive and materialistic. Luxury, quality, and beauty are things that they value. Family is something they hold a strong value to and as a friend or family member they will be your protectors.

Taurus people are usually good in art, or if not at least adore art, the same goes with their love of music. They can be good at gardening, banking, painting, engineering or music. Because of Taurus’ strong loyalty and love for family and friends they will never give up on them. Once a promise is made, they are sure to finish it. Even when it’s midnight and you decide to call your Taurus friend as you cry about a certain problem, Taurus would immediately answer, and you would be surprised that he or she picked up the phone faster than a blink of an eye. They would comfort you like a loving mother or father.

Taurus are loyal and sensual lovers, once they fall in love with you, they fall deep.Taurus loves a stable and calm partner. They want someone who can support them and themselves financially and physically. Taurus loves quality. They can be the most sensual and loyal lovers though very possessive. Because they are so intune to their senses and have such appreciation towards beauty and quality, the bull bases his or her adoration on appearances, which in the end…they find out that the one they liked wasn’t what they expected to be. Taurus people may have a hard time finding someone because of this. They want to find someone who likes them for who they are and could be very sensual at the same time be able to give them the security they need. Even though a Taurus may be a silent, calm, and laid back type of person, they have high sex drives.

Okay, I find the rest of this so strange:

When you’ve met a Taurus, then you’ve found a friend for life! Unless if you’ve annoyed her or irritated her. She will ignore you, if you have become enemies, she may ignore you for a year or more than a year (or even forever). Taurus does not like change because of their trait of being a fixed sign. They will be standing on that spot and won’t leave, this shows that Taurus people are stubborn and obstinate. Try talking to them kindly and not in a loud, shouting voice (Taurus is quiet).

If you want to date a Taurus:

– Be clean, hygienic, don’t be disgusting (especially don’t do drugs or smoke). I might add here, and try not to be a sex addict…

– Be sweet and romantic. Touch them, caress them, be slow to love. Don’t go too fast or you will scare them. Make them feel comfortable and safe. You will gain their trust.

– Listen to what they’re saying, one day you might forget or you didn’t hear it at all, and it would be dearly important. Taurus people have this ability to remember all sweet, important things and stuff that really mean a lot to them.

– Taurus people love decent food. Take them to a nice upscale, higher class restaurant.

And, finally:

– Tell them what you honestly think about them. Be loyal, but don’t hurt her feelings, like when she asks: “Am I too fat…?” If she is kind of chubby, just pinch her cheeks and tell her: “Yup you are, but you’re cute being this chubby…wanna work out at the gym tomorrow?” Then when your Taurus smiles or giggles, be nice and honest at the same time.

So, speaking of this chubby Taurus girl and her favorite “higher class restaurant,” we had the most amazing pre-birthday birthday dinner tonight with my parents. The restaurant only offers a four-course prix fixe seafood menu. It is one of the finer restaurants in the city. Here are my favorite dishes of the night:


Course One: Ono Sashimi

seafood trio

Course Two: Seafood Trio


Course Three: Olive Oil Poached Salmon with Spring Peas

cheese course

Course Four: Cheese Course with triple cream, sour cherry sorbet, and hazelnut crumble.

I also received this book from Blue Eyes that I have been wanting to read:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.51.57 PM

A remarkable history with elements of both In the President’s Secret Service and The Butler, The Residence offers an intimate account of the service staff of the White House, from the Kennedys to the Obamas.

America’s First Families are unknowable in many ways. No one has insight into their true character like the people who serve their meals and make their beds every day. Full of stories and details by turns dramatic, humorous, and heartwarming, The Residence reveals daily life in the White House as it is really lived through the voices of the maids, butlers, cooks, florists, doormen, engineers, and others who tend to the needs of the President and First Family.

Tomorrow we are off on a two night, three day getaway to a local (one hour drive from our home) spa hotel. I have a facial and an aloe wrap scheduled for Friday afternoon. Hey, I made it through another year, and that is something to celebrate.

21 thoughts on “Hey baby, what’s your sign?

  1. Happy happy birthday lovely Kat! Sounds like you had a wonderful meal and choc cake too. How lovely. Three day spa trip sounds awesome and relaxing and just what you deserve. I like to stretch my birthday for at least a week and so I am happy yo see you do the same. Have a great time. Stay happy and enjoy the peace and luxury.
    Ps 14 th is also my ( nice) sisters birthday. There you go!!!!!!! Xxxxx hugs.

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    • Thanks, CF. Glad I got the “nice” sister’s birthday 🙂 . At this point I think Blue Eyes should treat me like every day is my birthday, but that’s probably asking for a little too much. Back on the Whole30 on Sunday and we’re both looking forward to it actually! Hope things are well with you. Have you tried the meditation? Hugs back <3.


    • Some of my favorite people are Geminis :). And you are correct, it is a rare and wonderful treat when Blue Eyes listens to me and then surprises me with something I mentioned in passing. I am sure you can imagine, he is insecure when purchasing gifts (as he is insecure in most things in life, especially now in recovery). He did good.

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  2. Happy Birthday Kat! I liked that BE must have heard you say you wanted that book, made a mental note and actually went to get you the hard copy. That in itself is a wonderful gift. I hope your spa trip is more relaxing/quiet/non triggering than the last :). A

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  3. Kat,
    I hope you have an extraordinary birthday. I am so glad that you are able to celebrate! That is a big step in recovery. Wishing you a trip full of happiness with Blue Eyes! Oh, and enjoy the spa!!
    Big Hugs,

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    • Thank you, thank you, Kit. Yes, this year feels much more comfortable. I feel more like myself. Even though I clearly still have bad days and most likely will for a long time, I looked back at mother’s day/birthday dinner last year and although I think I look amazingly good under the circumstances (ha, how do we pretend so well sometimes), I am wearing a long sleeved sweater to cover up the bandages from the visit to the ER and subsequent 16 stitches the day before. I got through my entire birthday dinner last night without a thought of my husband’s addiction and secret life. I feel really proud of myself. Today feels really good… just hoping the clouds burn off before our little drive. And… I cannot wait for the spa! <3. K.


  4. Happy Birthday, Kat! Dinner looks aMAZing!

    I’m a Cancer (7/2) and W (5/11) is a Taurus… which just lends to my thought that he couldn’t have really loved me; he just felt a twisted sense of loyalty toward me for doing so much for him. BUT… IF he actually loves me *now,* we might have a chance of this change in him being real.


    • I’m sure he loved and loves you, I still think a lot of the baggage these guys come with is messed up childrearing and immaturity, but isn’t really about lack of “love” realizing we all have different definitions of love. I used to also think, how could my husband love me and do what he did to me. Frankly, he separated out his love and feelings for me from his secret self-indulgent, messed up fantasy life. I know it sucks and it hurts and what they did was horrible, but… for me, I am really trying to focus on what he is doing now (not all perfect, but moving forward). We all have different stories, but sometimes I think the underlying problems are really similar. I hate the trauma and what it turns us into, and we do need to protect ourselves and our emotions going forward, but we can be stronger from this. You have your whole life ahead of you… and a birthday coming up 🙂 ! Hugs.


  5. Happy birthday to one fabulous lady!!!!! That food looked amazing, gorgeous colors!
    I’m not sure what I think of astrology, but I am remarkably like my Cancer sign. I alwYs find it an amusing read though.
    *birthday kisses*

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    • Thank you, thank you, C! The food WAS amazing and I kept thinking about your post yesterday and meals costing more than a week of your bosses salary. Tee hee. Ouch it was an expensive meal, but the place is amazing… a “secret” little Japanese themed restaurant within a bigger restaurant. I didn’t even have to pretend to be happy last night. I had a great time with my parents, Blue Eyes, and my sweet younger son. I’m not complaining. 🙂 I also often relate to descriptions of my astrological sign and my horoscope, it’s all good fun. ❤

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    • Yay!!! Congratulations, Paula (and thank you for the birthday wishes). I bet you feel great. I start back up on the Whole30 on Sunday. The food last night was divine, but it was all seafood with a little sweet cheese course at the end, so not too sinful. The sauces were rich, but small in portion size. My husband did have my favorite chocolate cake waiting for me back home though. He knows I tend to pout if I don’t get it… my chocolate cake days are very few and far between now, for my own good. 🙂 Keep up the great work eating healthy. Are you exercising too?

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      • Sure am. The exercise is the most important part. I always have tried to fit sone in, but with work and uni and life I have struggled to this past year – or enough. So I redoubled my efforts and am being more regular and have stepped it up. I’m lucky in that I don’t like chocolate flavoured things. Good chocolate, yes. But not cake or brownies or anything (milkshakes….) But I do have a sweet tooth and this program doesn’t even have much fruit!

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        • I’m sure my personal trainer would agree with you on that one. If only I didn’t like cake and cookies. I rarely eat them anymore, but they got me in a whole heap of trouble in the past. What eating program are you on with minimal fruit?


          • I know! The Body Coach. Only two servings of fruit per week (other than some berries on porridge. ) I normally eat three to four per day! Crazy. But only in week three of a 90 day program and I can see the science behind his first month. But I REALLY miss fruit.

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