Insight and healing

I really thought this husband’s words regarding the affect his cheating has had on his family, was worth a reblog.


I had plans to write a completely diiferent post today but a friend I made through social media emailed this to me today and I wanted to share it. It’s written by her husband. He doesn’t blog but keeps a personal journal that he shares with her occasionally. I asked her and him permission to share it. It’s insightful and I think because he has done so much to gain insight, his family has healed greatly despite the ongoing pain that still comes up.

It has been a little over three years since my affair was discovered by my wife. I didn’t think then that we would be at this point in our marriage where we are doing well. My wife’s grief and rage were overwhelming and I didn’t think she would ever get past all the anguish I brought to our marriage.  It overwhelmed her, it impacted our children…

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