15 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Hi CrazyKat1963! It feels like forever since I have visited the blogs. Just wanted to say I just spent some time catching up on your site and thank you! Thank you for the great pictures, the stories of your travels, and I am really sorry about your father, I know how tough that is. But most of all thank you for the great stories of you and Blue Eyes and therapy. I needed the reminder, as we have dropped all healing by the wayside due to the zaniness of life this past few months! I had written a horrible, shitty post about the state of my marriage and your blog lifted my spirts! It was great to read about your sessions. I’m inspired to get our shit together and get back on it! Stay safe during these crazy times!

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    • You are very welcome! Life does go on. I hope you are able to make the progress in your relationship that you desire. Anything that lifts spirits these days is of great value and your comment did that for me. Some days I think, why do I keep posting here. You have validated my why! Sending healthy, happy vibes! 🤗


      • Sorry for your loss. This weekend, I loss a friend who was like a grandmother to me.

        I hope the memory of your father stays in your heart and eases your pain. And may they brng smiles along with the tears.

        Sadly, with time the voice fade. May he forever rest in peace.

        Please, find that peace in your heart. xo

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            • Well, B, I don’t think I’ve written about that family since the dinner.

              We have three distinct families.

              1) my dad’s (recently passed away) big family… 7 siblings ranging in age from 38-48 + 15 nieces and nephews.

              2) my mom (76) + step dad (with cancer, about to turn 80), plus my borderline sister, brother who lives in Tokyo + niece

              3) BE’s outrageously dysfunctional family which includes his mother (80), his father (85), and his older sister (63) her husband + their 2 daughters AND, not to be forgotten, the brother’s widow and nephew, who is now 11.

              Since the dinner, things have been quite uneventful. His parents just don’t have the same oomph that they used to. They’re like shadows of their former selves. It’s strange, but nice. BE has been able to connect with his dad by phone and email, which is what he wanted. They do that every few days from what I hear. The mother has been a non-issue. She doesn’t call or email him and hasn’t even tried to talk with me.

              The only issue was with the sister who knows about BE’s issues and came out of the gate swinging. I’m sure she was happy with the way things were and didn’t want BE to horn in. She was rude and aggressive by email at first, but has done a complete about face in the past few weeks. In January she had a combined birthday party for the parents and although she invited our NY son, and the rest of that family including widow/nephew + new hubby + new baby, she didn’t invite us, and didn’t invite our younger, who honestly hasn’t said or done anything to anyone, but he does live with us, so there’s that. They all act like he doesn’t exist. Our older son went. Not a big deal to us, but interesting tactic as BE was now on speaking terms with the parents. Anyway, sister is now reaching out as if nothing has happened and texting etc… I have briefly texted her back over the past week, but have had no contact with the parents. It’s been nice. I realized once I saw them at dinner that they really couldn’t hurt me. BE is in charge of himself, but he’s seems happy with where things are. I have a feeling the sister will be an issue going forward, but I don’t intend to engage in any negative energy! 😁❤️

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