Homage to Georgia

homage to georgia 1

The above is an image I snapped with my iPhone out the window of our plane on our way to Atlanta. I adore Georgia O’Keeffe and the above totally made me think of her. The sky looked like this most of the flight. It was mesmerizing to me.


Georgia O’Keeffe’s Sky Above Clouds

The main reason for this post, however, is to reminisce about the beautiful, the lovely, the gorgeous, the wonderful Atlanta, Georgia. I cannot wait to return. I actually had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite bloggers, in person, in Atlanta during our trip earlier this month, and I feel honored to have done so. There are so many interesting people in this cyber world, bloggers and commenters, people who get what we are all going through because many of them are going through the same. We all have unique experiences, our own stories, and we all bring something different, but most of all we bring love, understanding, and friendship.

This is what Blue Eyes has with his 12 step group… friends who get him. It is a wonderful feeling. My only wish in this respect is that I had more of what Blue Eyes has, the ability to see in person these friends on a regular basis. I need to be content with the opportunity to connect here, and the pleasure of meeting up periodically, because this is the reality for most betrayed wives and wives of sex addicts. During those times when I meet another betrayed spouse in person, I feel like I can be me. So many days I feel like I am hiding. I talked about this with Ms. Honey last week. One of my apprehensions about going out and taking classes, ones I absolutely want to take, is that I am a talker. I am open and honest to a fault. I don’t like hiding and even though new acquaintances have no business knowing parts of my life, like that my husband is a sex addict and I am doing the best I can with that, I still feel like a fraud. It is just part of me. I need to overcome this desire to share everything with everyone.

Back to Atlanta. During this particular trip, our time was relatively short and Blue Eyes was very sick, so we didn’t accomplish a lot outside the hotel, other than meetings. I am combining in this post memories from both this trip and a trip we took to Atlanta last year. During last year’s trip we specifically set aside two sightseeing days. What a beautiful city. I can’t wait to return because I have a whole bunch of Atlanta experiences still on my wish list not the least of which is just sitting at a cafe in a lovely neighborhood chatting with new friends.

On sightseeing Day One last year, we did one thing Blue Eyes really wanted to do and one thing I wanted to do. Blue Eyes loves Coca-Cola. Original old classic Coke, not diet, not any of that new fangled stuff, just plain old classic Coke.

coca cola

We Uber’d it over to the World of Coca-Cola, which is a museum of sorts dedicated to all things Coca-Cola. We took the requisite photo with the big polar bear, we toured, we saw a lot of Coca-Cola stuff and learned some history of the company and the products, and then Blue Eyes had a heyday running around like an eight year old in the big room with all the soda machines from around the world. I learned really quickly that it was a lot more fun to look at the different machines and soda options than to actually try any of them–blech! Not my cup of tea, but the machines and all the options were fun to see.

coca cola machine

I like to save the best for last, so my choice was second… The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum. It makes me giddy just thinking back on it. I love love love Jimmy Carter. I won’t go in to all my reasons here, but suffice it to say I was really excited to visit. We started the tour with a short movie and then a stroll through the museum, which is modest, just like President Carter. I wouldn’t have expected any different. I read every little plaque and watched every little video. There is nothing fancy or ostentatious about this place, just a thorough chronological history of one amazing man. I know, I know… a lot of people don’t get me and my obsession with Jimmy Carter and you know what, I don’t care. This place gave me a good vibe. Also, we had some of the most personable and interesting Uber drivers in Atlanta.

jimmy carter museum

Day Two of sightseeing in Atlanta included a walking food tour. Walking food tours are great especially if you have a large appetite and love a little history with your food. I actually don’t have the biggest appetite, so I usually ended up feeling like I am going to burst, but I enjoy these tours anyway. This Atlanta food tour wasn’t quite what I was expecting, to be honest. I was thinking we would be offered numerous southern or soul food options. Instead, the tour focused on modern Atlanta cuisine. The theme was more about proving that Atlanta wasn’t just about southern food. It was a little disappointing only in the fact that we can get all kinds of great international and contemporary cuisines in Portland and other places we travel. What we don’t eat a lot of is good southern food.

Anyway… the historical bits and pieces that were thrown in while we were walking around mostly downtown and midtown were interesting and educational and all the foods we ate were delicious, just not at all what I was expecting. The tour began at a very modest middle eastern restaurant. This is where we met up with everyone and our food options included traditional bites of hummus, kebabs, salad, shawarma, and breads. Interestingly enough, most of the other couples on the tour were actually from Atlanta and in their thirties and they all seemed to love the show ‘Shark Tank.’ There was a lot of talk about Atlanta neighborhoods, young children, school districts, restaurants they frequent in their own neighborhoods, and Shark Tank episodes. This allowed Blue Eyes and I not to get caught up in the fray and to merely focus on the tour guide and the food. Sometimes it is nice to meet new people on tours, and you really connect. This did not happen to be one of those times. We walked from the middle eastern restaurant to the restaurant 10th & Piedmont where we feasted on one of their signature dishes, chicken & waffles. Now, you might be saying, hey, that’s southern, but nope. Their version is kicked up a few notches in that it is much more like a chicken corn dog than chicken and waffle. The marinated chicken is wrapped in applewood smoked bacon, skewered, and then deep fried in a corn dog type batter and served with Northern Georgia sorghum syrup, powdered sugar, and hot sauce. It was a decadently delicious dish, but not chicken in waffles, in my opinion. Actually, I neither saw nor ate anything that remotely resembled a waffle.

atlanta corn dogs

Our tasting at 10th & Piedmont also included a lovely salad for some balance. By the time we left this second restaurant, we were full, more than full. Just up the street from 10th & Piedmont is Empire State South. Although the restaurant was not open at that time, our tour guide stopped in and picked up treats for later from their pastry chef.

Our next stop was thankfully not about food. Just about a block up the street we visited The Margaret Mitchell House.


As the author of Gone with the Wind and lifelong resident and native of Atlanta, it is no wonder that Margaret Mitchell is a city treasure. She and her husband lived in a small apartment in this building during the time she wrote most of Gone with the Wind. Although the house was partially destroyed by fire in the late 1980’s and then further damaged in 1994, it has been rebuilt as a lovely little museum with an apartment tour and other exhibits relating to Ms. Mitchell and the making of Gone with the Wind.

After leaving the Margaret Mitchell house, we took a much longer walk with fun little sights and bits of information along the way provided by our enthusiastic tour guide and then we eventually stopped in at our last official restaurant, Baraonda Ristorante and Bar. Here we were offered up handmade artisan pizzas of our choosing. Honestly, the pizza was delicious, but we were still so full from the previous two restaurants that one slice seemed almost insurmountable.

pizza in atlanta

The younger couples did not seem to be quite as full, and they managed to eat a couple rather huge pizzas. We left the pizza restaurant and headed to the Fox Theatre Historic District and The Georgian Terrace Hotel on Peachtree, right across from the iconic Fox Theatre where Gone with the Wind debuted.

We sat out on the Terrace at the Georgian and enjoyed iced tea and our lovely pastries from Empire State South while our tour guide talked about the history of The Fox Theatre. There were boxes of blueberry desserts including tarts and donuts and Blue Eyes and I split one little donut. Pretty sure we didn’t need to eat again that day! I wish I had a photo of us there on the lovely terrace.


The Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta. Source: http://www.thegeorgianterrace.com

During that trip, we had gorgeous early Fall days. This time, the late Winter weather was not so gorgeous. There was beautiful weather both before and after our visit, but on this early March day that I had scheduled to meet up with the blogger friend, there was cold cold rain… some hail and snow mixed in with that rain actually (even in this southern state, I know!), but it did not dampen our spirits. She graciously picked me up at the hotel and then drove me around a little bit through the gorgeous old neighborhoods so I could take in the amazing architecture of the older homes. From stately mansions to quaint bungalows, even through the rain splattered windows, it all looked so lovely and inviting.

We ate lunch at a little French style bistro, Bread & Butterfly in the Inman Park neighborhood. And speaking of parks, Atlanta has so many beautiful parks, and large old growth trees, and just generally lots of loveliness.


Bread & Butterfly


potato and raclette gratin

POTATO & RACLETTE GRATIN with romaine, lardons, sherry vinaigrette, and cornichon

The food was divine, my choice very decadent and rich, but honestly it was all about the opportunity to meet a new friend. A friend who gets it.

The next day the weather had improved exponentially and I had a couple hours to myself while Blue Eyes was at a morning meeting. I had every intention of rushing out and visiting the Georgia Aquarium, but I opted to enjoy my yogurt, granola, and berry parfait leisurely and then relax in the bathtub as if I hadn’t a care in the world. It was lovely.

atlanta four seasons

My Atlanta wish list is still very long, so I will definitely be back to enjoy more of this wonderful city, AND its amazing people.

16 thoughts on “Homage to Georgia

  1. Our friends we have through blogging are amazing. I’m always surprised when my IRL friends question online friends. The internet has done a lot of good!

    I’m so glad you had a chance to meet your friend in Atlanta. I bet she thinks you’re as wonderful in person and as on your blog! You’re the real deal Kat! Come to my fair city next! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m always looking for cool places to visit. Atlanta looked like a lot of fun! I always heard that the vending machines in Japan has lots of weird and wonderful drinks that we don’t have here. Is that true? I’m a Diet Coke girl myself. I can’t go a day without one. Bad habit 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Atlanta is definitely worth putting on your must see list. Funny you should mention Japanese vending machines, which are EVERYWHERE in Japan and carry EVERYTHING… food and drink sure (even alcohol), but also souvenirs, toys, porn, supposedly women’s panties, flowers…. We walked through a little residential neighborhood at one point last visit and passed a dozen vending machines right outside people’s front doors. So, if you get thirsty in the middle of the night and don’t have anything in the house, you can just walk outside and purchase something. So interesting. They have so many different kinds of drinks in those vending machines. We have an asian market not far from our house that actually carries quite a few of the Japanese drinks, but not all by any means. Funny how “my boys” know the very strange Japanese word for vending machine, Jido hanbaiki… but I rarely used vending machines so never learned it. Once when I was at a train station in the winter and so so cold, and desperate, I purchased a hot milk coffee out of the vending machine and tried drinking it, but was immediately sick to my stomach (I have never been able to drink coffee), so I just took to purchasing the hot drinks (in cans) and holding them to keep my hands warm.

      I had a boss once who was addicted to Diet Pepsi. She had cases and cases of it in her office and drank it at room temp!!! Ew. She drank at least a case a day!!! BE absolutely loves coke but gave it up during the Whole30. He is back to drinking it every once in a while. Last night he said he was mildly depressed and wanted a coke. I say, have that damn coke… it is definitely the least destructive of his addictions. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes, I’ve been through Diet Coke withdrawals lol. I stopped for two years and then started again after my ex left… Better than alcohol I guess.
        One day I would love to see Japan. It’s a bucket list thing. It seems almost like a whole different world ☺️❤️completely weird and wonderful.

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  3. That tub in the last picture looks like heaven! So glad you had such a lovely trip. I have found so many like souls through blogging — and too have had the thought that I would love to meet this community in person!

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    • Mmm, that tub was nice. I have had the pleasure of meeting up with a few bloggers, one very special lady lives not too far and we visit often, and I am actually planning a trip to New Zealand for next year to visit with an old friend and meet a blogger friend. The only problem with blogging, we connect so beautifully, but often live so very far from each other. It’s a dilemma, but not necessarily an insurmountable one. ❤

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    • I feel the same about Portland. People come here and want to “see the sights.” I just live here. And there are so many new restaurants I haven’t tried. I remember once someone was visiting and wanted to see “the world’s smallest park” or something like that. I was like, what? Come to find out, I have been driving by it at least weekly for years. Who knew? 🙂

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  4. Very nice travel blog! Roswell is a cute little town just north of Atlanta and is home to Red Baron antiques. We love to look at all of gigantic statues and light fixtures and the gigantic price tags. It’s pretty neat if you enjoy unique things. We didn’t make a purchase from Red Baron but happened upon a live auction down the street at King Galleries. I love having antiques from Atlanta in my home! I’m heading to Lake Lanier in April for girls weekend. It will be my first trip there. I grew up in the Deep South- we always refer to Atlanta as the southern NYC! PS that bath looked glorious- what scent for your bath salts? I prefer lavender 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, a girls weekend. Fun! Mmm, I hope I have the opportunity to explore outside Atlanta one of these days. The antiques stores and auctions sound like a wonderful time. I bet they have some pretty amazing pieces. Before we took our older son to college (a few years ago now), we visited Savannah and Tybee Island, plus spots in South Carolina. Such a different environment from up here in the Pacific NW. As far as baths go, lavender or rose are my favorites. ❤

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