Travelogue: I’m all about the Hawaiian beaches, Oahu


Earlier this month we were in Hawaii. We explored a bunch of Oahu beaches. It really was paradise. The weather was perfect, the blues and greens so vibrant. I can’t wait to return.


On our flight in to Oahu, we had a glorious view of Diamond Head Crater.


We also flew right over Ko Olina and its four lagoons.


Our timeshare is on Lagoon 3.


Monday after our arrival we drove over to Kailua. This is a panorama from above Kailua Beach Park taken by Blue Eyes. He loves him a panorama.


We then walked up to Lanikai Beach (translated to “heavenly sea”). With the twin islands of Na Mokulua (“mokes”) visible, it is absolutely one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited.


A couple days later we were expecting a cloudy day, so we headed off on a little road trip up the leeward coast. We drove all the way to the end of the road and started here at Kaena Point State Park.


Next stop Makua Beach, part of James Michener’s Hawaii was filmed here in the 1960’s.


Makua Beach. Gorgeous and completely deserted. Regardless of the clouds, it was still 80+ degrees, but this is the local’s area of the island and it was a week day.


Waianae Coast.



Surfers at Makaha Beach Park.


Lifeguard station at Makaha Beach Park.


Back home and sunset at Ko Olina Lagoon 3, Waianae Coast, Oahu.


The next day we went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. I sort of tackled some of my snorkeling fears… just one little panic attack. I am a work in progress.


Back home at the Four Seasons Ko Olina, we relaxed and watched this sunset from our room.


We hiked the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail.


At the top of the trail, we experienced this lovely view of the wayward side of the island.


Our final Hawaiian sunset of the trip.


On our last morning we dragged ourselves out of bed early for one last walk along the lagoons. We encountered these early morning paddle boarders.


Leaving paradise.

22 thoughts on “Travelogue: I’m all about the Hawaiian beaches, Oahu

      • Not yet. I opted for a spa day fir the short term (fantastic, and I need another soon!) but I think I found the place I will go after the holidays are over & things slow down. It’s not tropical, but instead it’s in the mountains, and appears to be just what I need. πŸ™‚

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        • I remember earlier on being uneasy about going away. I definitely had a love/hate relationship being around my husband for the first couple years, but being away from him proved disastrous early on. Two and a half years in, I crave time alone and was thrilled with my six weeks away. I have all kinds of solo travel plans on the horizon for 2017. I think it is very healthy for us to take ourselves away for bits of time here and there while we are trying to metabolize our new life. Spa days and peaceful mountains are right up there for me too! xoxo

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          • Okay, TH. They will be a bit preliminary since a number of finishing touches are missing. I am working on the post now, but need to head out to view a painting we are looking at for the great room. It is 8.5 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall. Magnificent. I’ll post pics later this afternoon. You are very sweet and I would love to have a girl’s weekend there! ❀


  1. Beautiful photos! Never been to Hawaii as it is so far away from us here on the east coast. But it looks like paradise. Am also envious that you and your husband are able to go to the beach together. My husband is too triggered at the beach, so I must go alone or with friends. What a gift for you to experience this place together.

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    • Thankfully there was no time spent away from me at a tropical beach anywhere, just in dirty hotel rooms on uneventful business trips. I have since mastered those cities. We head to Tokyo again in about 10 days and I know I will be okay. BE is mostly triggered by movies and TV shows now that remind him of his own “dark passenger.” A reference from ‘Dexter,’ a show he could never watch. Like there was a devil living inside him. I love Hawaii, but I love the Caribbean even more and am envious you guys are closer to, say, St. John. Cinnamon Bay, Trunk Bay, Hawk’s Nest Beach… some of my all-time favorite tropical beaches. Hopefully it will get better for him and you will be able to enjoy everything together again. xoxo


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