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Here’s a thing that really pisses me off… the WP algorithm that thinks it’s “cool” to link a blog post to the bottom of my boundaries entry (when viewing from the Reader) from last year that has a pic of Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, written by a guy who has a fraction of the followers I have (thank god) talking about how sex addiction can’t be cured, and isn’t even real. The guy’s blog is sexually explicit writing about all kinds of sexual stuff, BDSM, things you can’t talk about in public, whatever. It’s blather like this that causes a lot of people to think they know something about something they know nothing about.

We all know (I’m pretty sure we all know this) that you can make a statement and find multiple articles all over the internet, “expert” articles, written by “scientists,” whomever, that support our claim. Coconut Oil is good for you. Coconut Oil is bad for you. Chocolate is good for you. Chocolate is bad for you. Coffee… well you get the picture. Sex addiction is real. Sex addiction is an excuse for bad behavior. Blah, Blah, Blah.

For anyone who reads my blog, you will quickly realize that I pretty much just write out my own story and experiences. Everything I write here about me and Blue Eyes is real, from my perspective. I don’t quote a lot of “expert” opinions (because a lot of that drivel is just that, opinion). I once posted an Esther Perel Ted Talk in which I merely pointed out the things in the Talk that spoke to me and I was lambasted for supporting open marriage, WHAT???? I have never before and not since read anything by Esther Perel. I was merely writing about the Ted Talk that I posted. I felt so ignorant. On all counts.

I’ve talked to numerous therapists about the fact that the DSM does not include sex addiction in their mental illness category and many have expressed their concern and informed me that it is driven by insurance companies that don’t want to have to cover the treatment, like they might have to do for other illnesses, like BiPolar Disorder. Pretty sad, right? That’s the world we live in, or I guess the country I live in.

Anyway, here’s my blanket apology that I cannot alter what is posted below my blog entries on the Reader/Blogs I follow page. My site doesn’t have advertising, but it is WordPress’ desire to entice readers to read blogs by writers who use the same tags I do. I don’t want to alter how I tag my entries just to avoid this, so I won’t. Please know that what WP has decided to tack on to the bottom of my entries is not my choice. I suggest everyone just go straight to the actual blog post of the blogs they read and skip the whole Reader tag alongs. Unless you find it interesting, in which case, carry on.


6 thoughts on “Come on WordPress

  1. Hey now, I think we all know for a fact that chocolate is good for you…😉

    I hear you, especially on the Perel lambasting. Here’s the thing that I have taken from her podcasts/TED Talk; I don’t believe she has a blanket statement that we should excuse the betrayers behaviour or have open relationships, what I’ve gotten out of her philosophy is a different way of thinking about the infidelity so that we, the betrayed, don’t feel as judged by society. It comes across that times and commitment is changing and that doesn’t work for me either, but her words have made me go hmmmmm at times, to make me look at in a way that’s less painful. Just my 2 cents.

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  2. Right there with you on the DSM. Minwalla wrote that article about CASRD and I respect him for that. IMHO, it IS mental illness, but probably different dx codes for different people. OY.

    Whatever IT is, it’s real.

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