Beautiful places

Today is Blue Eyes’ Birthday and we are on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai.

As a Birthday treat for both BE and The Peacemaker (his birthday is Friday), I booked a scenic flight around the island for the three of us.

A few years ago Blue Eyes and I saw the dramatic Na Pali Coastline by water on a large catamaran. The water was so choppy, we had a difficult time enjoying anything. This time I chose a plane. I would have loved to do another seaplane adventure (like in Tahiti) but they don’t seem to have them here. Instead we were on an Australian Airvan. Our own private little tour. We had headsets so we could communicate with the pilot and ask him questions.

Mostly we didn’t ask questions as we were mesmerized by the dramatic landscape and gorgeous views. These photos are taken from the plane with my iPhone, and untouched.

Not technically a private beach as there are no private beaches in Hawaii, but all the land around the beach is privately owned.

Waimea Canyon Park

Jurassic Falls

Entering the Na Pali Coastline

Na Pali Coastline of Kauai

Those peaks, tho

Hidden beach accessible only from the sea

Kauai farmland

Coral reefs off Kauai

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