Shelter in place, part 1

We feel pretty comfortable sheltering in place at our beach house during these troubled times. When the architect commenced his drawings about six years ago, he dubbed our home, Shelter House, and that’s what it is. With its massive foundation and heated concrete floors, gorgeous 12’ tall storefront windows, yards and yards of pristine cedar and a massive pivot front door, we definitely feel sheltered. We arrived here last Wednesday and have had numerous beautiful days in virtual social isolation.

The nice thing about the Oregon Coast, and the vast majority of the beaches, is not only can you remain six feet away from people, you can easily remain 600 feet from the closest person, and on some days maybe even 6000 feet.

Here are some of my favorite shots from day 1 of social distancing. Life is good!

Beach House View
Oregon Coast Trail
Our Modern Beach House
Beach Pools
Like we’re on a different planet.

Stay healthy everyone! ❤️

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