Shelter in place, part 2

Our second and third days of social distancing were equally as beautiful as the first.

North End of the two mile stretch of beach our house is on.
Lots of rocks and caves on this stretch of beach.
In Oregon, the forest meets the beach a lot of the way. There’s a house on the right. Hwy. 101 runs across the middle of the photo.
Honestly, social distancing is super easy.
The busiest spot on our four+ mile walk.
Our Aussie loves exploring
It was a mighty colorful walk.
I’ll close this one out with an unedited panorama that Blue Eyes took a few days ago.

13 thoughts on “Shelter in place, part 2

  1. Our governor has asked people with second homes at the shore not to go there in order to leave the resources (food, medical, etc) for the year-round residents. Those towns can’t handle an influx of off-season visitors, who may be bringing illness with them in addition to cleaning out stores. Have you had anything like that?

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    • Hi B! How are you holding up? The local county has shut down all lodging including short term vacation rentals. People did flock to the coast last weekend and I guess it was a concern. A lot of people came for a day trip bringing in and out food and practicing social distancing, which is super easy at the Oregon Coast. It’s no jersey shore that’s for sure. I’m sure the local restaurants appreciated any take out business they garnered, but most of that has been shut down. There hasn’t been any order for second home owners, but we brought in most of our food from Portland, which we had had delivered just before things got crazy. The store we shop at is mainly frequented by out of towners as its a more expensive specialty grocery store, so still lots of food and few customers. I’m sure they’re struggling. Most locals shop at the bigger Safeway store. There are no medical services for miles from our house, and if we needed care, we would go back into Portland anyway. So no mandate and we’re using common sense. Leaving tomorrow to head back to Portland for prescription refills and pet food. We’ll probably go back and forth to break up the monotony. ❤️

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      • Glad to hear all this. There was no order here, just a request, which of course made a lot of people who pay taxes to NJ angry. And you are right that the Jersey shore is very different than where you are, the population explodes in season but those communities prepare for it.
        I am doing fine. Getting out for walks every day and going for groceries late morning when needed. Just went to Whole Foods which was empty.
        Passover is going to be really sad this year, it is such a communal holiday as you know. But we gotta comply for everyone’s wellbeing.

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        • Yeah, I get it, but no real place for anger these days. Compassion and understanding are important. People do tend to go a bit nuts when cooped up too long. The real problem we had over the weekend here were people flocking to the campgrounds. The weather was good, so people thought, why not a couple days of camping? Unfortunately A LOT of people had the same idea and now all state parks and campgrounds are closed. Passover will indeed be sad. My Brooklyn kid is completely freaked out. His job requires him to be in the office, so no work from home, non-essential, so no work. He’s worried about all the kids who rely on school for safety and food. He hates that people are voting for Biden… prior to Covid, he was campaigning for Bernie, traveling to where people were needed to pound the pavement. All gone. He’s a social person and he misses his friends. They’re doing virtual connection, but really not the same when there’s so much to worry about. His mind goes a mile a minute. He’s a bit like a refined BE with my empathy genes. Stay well! As soon as this is really and completely over, I’m heading east. We were supposed to be in NYC next month. xo

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          • Oh, dear, Kat. I forgot you have a son in Brooklyn. Not sure if he or you are hearing Governor Cuomo’s updates? He expects the peak in 2-3 weeks there. We listen to him as we are in NY (far from NYC) – I had no idea our governor had so much humanity. Native NYers aren’t known for that, but our area is known to be “the city of neighbors” or something like that – friendly / loving / help others through challenges.

            Love your photos, your Aussie makes me smile, and take care!

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            • I haven’t heard much as I am trying desperately to block out some of the madness, but I know the kid is listening. I hope at least some of what he is hearing is helping his anxiety. Our neighborhood in Portland is very friendly and loving and helping as well, but there is not much to be done right now that doesn’t put everyone at risk. I hope you are both well and finding happy things to keep you occupied. I know your pup has got to be a light in the darkness.

              And yes, Bernie is quite entertaining. Unlike the golden, however, he is very standoffish with strangers so it’s actually a relief during this time of social distancing. Usually people come up and want to touch his fluffy coat, which does not make him happy. Now they just stare and point. He’s fine with that, lol. ❤

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              • Our Governor Cuomo is quite a leader. Organized, composed, factual, compassion, humane – wow – this is a huge crisis in NY, if you look at the sheer numbers, compared to CA or WA – it’s insane (like, 10x as many cases – NYC is so densely populated)! I’m glad he is at the helm right now for NY. I had no idea about his qualities until I’ve seen him in action the past few weeks. It has to be really hard to be your son where he’s living right now and add anxiety. A lot.

                Our Golden Boy is always a comfort. So much fun and such deep love in his eyes. Good boy.

                LOL about Bernie. I didn’t know that was his name! I do understand Aussies and shepherds. Such different personalities, but they will come back on command if trained more than Goldens. LOL He’s VERY handsome!

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                • Yes, Bernie is far more obedient and never leaves the yard even though it’s not fenced. He really mainly wants to know where his people are at all times so he can guard us. Lily couldn’t care less, lol. People ask us all the time if Bernie was named after Bernie Sanders. Truthfully, Bernie will be 7 this year and at the time we named him, I had no idea who Bernie Sanders was. Bernie’s full name is Berner Rosen. He’s named after an apple tree because that’s how his litter was named… apple varieties that start with B? Breeders can be quite eccentric. I thought Bernie Rosen sounded nice and Jewish, so it worked. My brother asked if we had brought home a puppy, or a new accountant. Ha. Bernie is definitely a pretty boy. His dad was a show dog. We don’t “do” dog shows. I’m not sure he has the temperament anyway. I just love dogs!

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