In the time of Covid

Well. It has certainly been a while since I sat down to write a post. More than two months time. I did think shelter in place would mean more time to write and truthfully I do have time to write. I simply haven’t been inspired to write.

There are lots of topics to write about. For instance, I live in Portland, Portland, Oregon. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Have those unmarked vehicles filled with “Feds” in riot gear kidnapping innocent bystanders left town yet? I don’t know. Just like everyone else, I heard they had agreed to, were supposed to. I think they did. Who knows. We live less than two miles from the federal building, but I haven’t been anywhere near there in months. People I know well have been downtown peacefully protesting and have been tear gassed, repeatedly, nowhere near the government buildings. The mayor was tear gassed and yet, wait for it, he’s actually in charge of the very police department that tear gassed him. Huh, imagine that! The system is fucked up. That’s why people are pissed off. That’s why people continue to protest. I say more power to them!

I can tell you though, the city isn’t under siege. The media is there to stir the pot. To give everyone something interesting to watch on the 5:00 news. Is that even a thing anymore? And, the supposed leader of our country is a lying liar who lies. He’s a narcissistic bully who cares nothing for the people of this country, or any country. I somehow clicked on a press conference where he said “his people” came in and cleaned up Portland. That we were out of control. What the actual fuck? He’s delusional. This is why I don’t write about these kinds of things. It causes me anxiety. I can see how misrepresented the Portland situation is, so how could I possibly believe anything in the press?!!

Moving along… Blue Eyes is, well, he’s Blue Eyes. We’re home together every day. I thought this would be a bad thing, but it has been fine, good even. He works, sometimes still very late into the evening, and other days he’s more balanced. He had shingles last month. Not fun! He was in a lot of pain and before he knew what was going on, he insisted a bee flew into his ear and he couldn’t get it out. Turns out the infection started in his right ear, then spread to around his ear and finally an evil looking rash on the top of his bald head!!! That’s what got me concerned. He’s better now, thank goodness!

Our marriage is in tact. We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago. We got out of our comfort zone (with masks firmly on our faces) and drove an hour east, along the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge, passed by a lot of “closed due to Covid” sights, and spent a couple nights at a historic hotel in a quaint town (where my father once lived) known for its windsurfing and fruit orchards. We social distanced our way through a fruit stand where we picked up the most delicious fresh peaches, which we ate fresh and also turned into delicious treats.

Crown Point and the Columbia River Gorge

Mt. Hood

Peaches and plums

Peaches, burrata, prosciutto, basil, jalapeños, and evoo

Back home, my birthday present to me, my first ever dahlia garden, is giving me so much joy. The blooms are amazing. About 1/2 the plants (40+ of them) are blooming and the rest have buds. They are such gorgeous flowers.

The Pragmatist and his partner arrive later this evening for a month long stay. I’m very excited. They drove cross country from Brooklyn with friends who are relocating back to the West Coast. Four days of driving and camping. Their first stop will most likely be the showers.

Take care, be safe!

11 thoughts on “In the time of Covid

  1. Good to hear from you and see more photos! Yes – #45 is a lying liar who lies. And I protest with letter and calls from home. I also contribute to the SPLC and I’m still looking for black-owned businesses to support.

    My husband & I have been “the same” as far as being around each other b/c we have been together most of the time since 4-5 months after DDay in 2016, but I (we?) are going little stir-crazy b/c of lack of socialization, less options for dates (even though more is open – we don’t feel safe), and we can’t do volunteer work either due to CVD19. I just saw my mother the 1st time since January (she’s 80). I honestly don’t like seeing her that much, but it went fine and I drove her to a medical appointment (4.5 hours of driving for me that day).

    My Dahlia got powdery mildew. Some of my other plants did, too. Weather has been a challenge this summer.


    • We all need to do what we can… and vote!!! Although BE and I work together, this shelter in place situation has changed things drastically. No travel, and no off-site meetings. I don’t really have anxiety around those things anymore, but I have noticed that not dealing with them regularly is grounding for me. There’s less diversions for him, and more communication. It’s becoming a new normal. My Brooklyn son and his girlfriend are here for a month, so that adds a whole lot of excitement to our lives. They are very busy, while still maintaining their Covid standards. They had covid in March/April and currently test negative. They were tested for the third time before driving from Massachusetts to Seattle, where we picked them up. They’ll be heading to the beach house later this week, but I’ll be home watching over my dahlias and veggies. 😁 I’ll probably move to the beach house when everything goes dormant for winter. I love the beach any time of year. ❤️

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      • It’s nice you’ll have your son and girlfriend around. It’s really awesome to have a second home, too. On an ocean, no less!!! I think I’ll start writing another blog post. I haven’t felt like writing either.

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        • Wow, our older son and his teeny tiny girlfriend are a whirling dervish of energy. It’s been a bit crazy. We’ll be meeting her mother tomorrow for dinner at the beach house and so our son gently asked us if we would mind getting Covid tested and also, be warned, that the mother is traditional Indian and is vegetarian, so no meat. lol. She’s driving up from California to the beach house today. We are staying in Portland. She’s bringing their German shepherd with her for driving company. Our Aussie does not like German shepherds. It’s a very strange thing. Not sure why he goes berserk when he sees a German shepherd (we keep telling him he is a shepherd too!), but we decided to not stress everyone out. We’re giving them their space and just going over for dinner, without the dogs. Lily the Golden is getting so old, she pretty much sleeps all day and doesn’t like the drive over anyway. We took the Covid tests and both test and antibodies are negative. Phew. I am actually going to go write another post. I’ve been so lazy today I’ve pretty much only accomplished posting dahlia pics to my Instagram. xo

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          • I haven’t had much energy lately either…

            LOL about the whirling dervish comment. I actually SAW in person REAL whirling dervishes from Turkey (?) when I lived near CLE at the CLE Museum of Art. VERY COOL. You are so accommodating and such wonderful hosts; I’m sure all went well. Would love to hear what was served!

            HUGE hugs to Lily, the elderly Golden. And smooches to your Aussie. You take such good care of your pups. German Sheps can be intimidating. It just depends on the dog and they are bred to protect, so…. (when I see my friend who has one, I stay in the car until she has control of him). It’s all good.

            Baxter is VERY COOL to every dog I’ve ever seen him interact with. In fact, he “calms” dogs who are a bot stressed. Today, an English Cream 1YO Golden came for a visit. We took our time doing introductions safely. I worked (volunteered) in rescue long enough to know to be careful. Baxter (the chill pill dog) gave the dog a few mild corrections (short, low growls – “back off, dude). So we took it slow. They seemed fine. We let them off-leash in our small backyard, and all was ok. Only then did I realize the other dog was an INTACT male. That’s what it was all about. And they were fine. Most people wouldn’t have even noticed the mild dog language I saw – but – um – I hope they neuter that dog. Our neighbor was just watching it for a day, so it’s not their call, but GEEZ.


    • Oh, and powdery mildew… the dahlias my parents purchased me for my birthday that were already blooming beautifully, lasted about two months in the pots and then they started getting all kinds of things… powdery mildew, bugs, they looked dried out even though they were properly watered. I ended up taking them out of the pots and planting them in the ground and they are doing better, but nothing like the health and beauty of the ones that were planted from tubers in the ground. Those have zero issues and are blooming beautifully. I just love them! ❤

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      • I saved the tuber. It started sprouting again! I’ve grown lovely Dahlias in pots before. I think this summer has just been weird weather and I had a few other plants (in the ground) get powdery mildew. I am so happy for you that your Bday gift is giving you so much JOY!


    • Hey, TH, I’ll get back at it. Yes, we are doing fine and very much enjoying the summer, but not looking forward to 100’s this weekend. 😰 Trump does indeed suck. Seeing his lying face just makes me ill, so I try hard not to see it! ❤️


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