The American Southwest, part ten

Once we arrived Springdale, Utah, gateway to Zion National Park, we realized a few things. First, there were A LOT of tourists at this location. Potentially more than all the other places we had visited, combined. Second, we needed a way to get in to the park (the choices at this time of year are shuttles, biking, or walking), and all the park shuttles were booked. Third, it was a gorgeous day so we weren’t going to abort mission (just be very careful). Fourth, The Peacemaker had missed out on souvenir shopping at the Grand Canyon, so he definitely wanted to hit the Visitor’s Center.

The Peacemaker found us a private shuttle into the park with designated drop off and pick up times. He had decided on doing the Narrows Riverside Walk, a couple miles of very easy strolling. The Good: it is gorgeous in there. The Bad: there were SO MANY PEOPLE. I cannot imagine what it is like in summer here. I am really glad we went to Zion and I can’t remember ever having been there before, but I doubt I will go back soon. There are far too many other beautiful places to see that simply aren’t this crowded.

Narrows Riverside Walk
Virgin River, Zion National Park.
Beautiful water and falls along the Virgin River.
Deep in the Narrows.

After the Riverside Walk, we trekked to the lodge and then made our way back to the shuttle stop.

The trees were really beautiful this time of year.

Our next hike, the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail, although pretty short, was a real doozy. Again, lots and lots of people, very scary trail, 500 foot elevation gain over less than a mile, but so so worth it. Gorgeous!

View from The Overlook.
Zion Canyon Overlook.
You can see the road in the photo. It’s a beautiful drive along Highway 9.
Plentiful friendly chipmunks. 🐿

On our last day of sightseeing and hiking, day 15 of 16, we left Springdale and drove over to the Northwest Corner of Zion National Park to Kolob Canyons. Very quiet, and very beautiful.

First we stopped and ordered for take-out at Deep Creek Coffee Company, one of my favorite breakfast meals, Red Goat Toast. Goat’s milk cheese and strawberries on their fresh baked and toasted bread with balsamic drizzle and fresh basil! 🥰

Red Goat Toast.
Red Dirt at Kolob Canyons
A storm was rolling in.
Start of Taylor Creek Trail.
Overlook at Timber Creek Trail.

And then, just like that, we were on our way home. We stayed the night in Twin Falls and had a delicious breakfast before heading to Portland.

I knew my days of gluten and dairy would be ending soon, so I splurged on the blueberry, ricotta pancakes at Yellow Brick Cafe.

We arrived home early Saturday evening and I spent all day Sunday loving on my fur babies, detoxing with hot tea and a good book, while mesmerized by the beauty in our very own front garden!

We have two beautiful Japanese maples out front.

We had a wonderful time on our 2+ week road trip. I can’t wait to do it again!

🚘 💚 🥾

7 thoughts on “The American Southwest, part ten

    • I know, T, it was so busy. It just didn’t feel right. I’m always shocked that I manage to get so many photos that don’t have people in them. And…. I’m so craving that toast right now. It’s easy to replicate, but there was just something about being on a road trip at Zion that made it taste even better! xo


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