That time I got the shingles

I had a stressful summer. I’ve been trying to de-stress by doing some things I enjoy, The Peacemaker gifted me a landscape painting class for Mother’s Day. I diligently attended the online classes, but then all hell broke loose with my sister and I never actually completed the assignment for that class. It’s still on my “to do” list. I’m not giving up though and I decided to take an in-person plein air (outside) painting workshop in Southern Oregon the first weekend in October. That’s the fateful weekend when I was mis-diagnosed (I did have shingles) at a small town emergency room and was unable to, once again, complete the assignment. I missed the entire second day of the workshop!

Some of my first day thumbnails and mini watercolors.

By the end of November, I had signed up for an in-person 3-day workshop with the artist who had taught and or orchestrated the other painting classes, plus signed up for an online drawing class, which is ongoing through the month of January. I also garnered myself a small painting studio in Portland.

Oh, and after the shingles episode, I promptly came down with a staph infection. Yep, not good! I’m really fighting for some physical and emotional health here.

I’m currently in Ojai. I’m done with all the antibiotics (three courses worth). The infections have healed. I’m getting lots of natural vitamin D and outdoor hikes in daily. My daily vitamin C is coming from all the glorious oranges they have here. It’s really nice to be able to get fresh, local produce in January.

Local produce I picked up from a road side fruit stand.
I’m diligently doing my drawing homework.

I’m trying to find the balance I so desperately need.

3 thoughts on “That time I got the shingles

  1. Good to see you writing again. Sorry you’ve had some health issues. I used to tap into art adventures (pre DDay and pre hub’s suicide attempt), and I wish I could motivate myself to get back into it. I always love your photography too.

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