Birthday Road Trip: Santa Cruz to Ojai and back home

Although our California birthday road trip was great fun, it was months ago. I’m going to wrap things up so I can get more current.

We departed Elk, on the Northern California coast, and headed inland, briefly. We stopped at a fun drive-in for lunch.

Pick’s Drive-in, Cloverdale, CA (Blue Eyes loves beef)

We made our way down to Santa Cruz. All the times I have been up and down the California coast, I don’t remember ever being in Santa Cruz. It’s an interesting little beach/college town. Good food, but ridiculously overpriced housing due to the fact that it is the closest beach town to Silicon Valley. We stayed in a super cute airbnb about a block from the beach, and easy walking distance to the pier/amusement park (which is not my cup of tea, but was closed anyway, due to covid).

Santa Cruz airbnb
Santa Cruz

From Santa Cruz, we made our way down to Ojai.

I just love these huge California Oak Trees, so plentiful in Ojai. This photo is of the little apothecary/art studio at our hotel.
We stayed at one of my favorite hotels, The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.
They have fantastic room service at the Ojai Valley Inn.

On our way back north, we stopped in Paso Robles, where Blue Eyes’ sister has a house and a little vineyard. This was our first time seeing her since Blue Eyes reconnected with his family. She has a lot of baggage, but she’s trying. I’m just not emotionally attached to these people anymore, so I try to go with the flow.

Another favorite spot, Hotel Cheval, Paso Robles.
Hotel Cheval has s’mores by the fire every night with gourmet ingredients and a s’mores butler!

On our way home, we took the much quicker I-5 route.

Mt. Shasta
Also, Mt. Shasta, from a moving car.
Our final stop, Ashland, Oregon. The Ashland Springs hotel always reminds me of the tower of terror at Disneyland!
Back home, my peonies were in full bloom!

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