For the love of road trips, part 2

Continuing the conversation from back in December…. The Peacemaker and I got up early so we could get in a nice hike before leaving this gorgeous area of California (the redwood forest, not the town of Orick).

We actually did 2 hikes that day, in 2 different forests. I’m just so mesmerized by these trees.

The night before, when I was plotting my escape from Orick, I decided we would make our next stop, an unplanned one, in Healdsburg, CA. Well, thankfully Healdsburg is an adorable, thriving town and we had a great night at the lovely River Belle Inn Bed & Breakfast.

The beautiful River Belle Inn with its wrap around porch.

We left Healdsburg and headed south for New Years Eve. We had always planned on being in San Francisco on 12/31. The Peacemaker talked us in to purchasing tickets to a Kaskade (electronics DJ?) concert to ring in the new year. Unfortunately, we went back and forth, and back and forth on whether it was safe for us old geezers (me and Blue Eyes) to attend the concert due to the recent insurgence of the dreaded Omicron variant and so, we all decided it was really not smart, and we stayed in our hotel room and ordered a BOAT LOAD of sushi and watched a movie. We were staying at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Nob Hill, so we weren’t all that sad about staying in.

The Ritz Carlton Nob Hill, San Francisco on New Years Eve 2021.
Sushi++ NYE Dinner
Sometimes the Peacemaker gets something stuck in his head that he wants to do, and this trip (we have been to San Francisco literally dozens of times), he wanted a panoramic view… so we went to the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. I didn’t get a great panorama, but this is a very beautiful and worthwhile art museum.

From San Francisco we traveled south to Santa Barbara. This would be our last stop before my January retreat destination of Ojai.

Santa Barbara never disappoints. It’s a beautiful oceanfront town with generally sunny and mild weather, gorgeous gardens, and beaches, great food and lots to do.

Our sweet little bungalow for a few nights. Inside was done up with lots of little holiday decorations. Airbnb travel can be hit and miss (I’m looking at you, Orick!) but we have stayed at a lot of really wonderful homes. This was one.
The buildings in Santa Barbara are predominantly Mediterranean and Spanish Revival style, which I am extremely fond of. This is the gorgeous county courthouse building. There is usually a wedding going on somewhere around the grounds.
Before leaving town, we went to Stearns Wharf and enjoyed a lobster roll from Santa Barbara Shellfish Company.
View back to Santa Barbara from the wharf.
And then we were off to Ojai, where we enjoyed the Ojai Valley Inn for a few nights before heading to the airport to drop the boys.
I managed to make a stop at Griffith Observatory for Sunset in Los Angeles before heading back to Ojai.

I was then in Ojai, as previously blogged about, through not only January, but February and a little bit of March as well. Which leads into… our next road trip, back to Oregon.

To be continued…

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