Some good news


I have had some kind of a head cold most of the week, so we had not been back to see my brother in the hospital. We leave today for a quick trip to Las Vegas, and I definitely wanted to get in to see Peter before we left. We had been trying to reach him by phone, but were not getting calls back. I do not have contact info for most of Peter’s family and my parents are currently out of the country, so all I had was my brother’s mobile phone, and the hopes that he would call me back with some news. We ended up calling the nurse’s station yesterday afternoon and getting a quick update. Things were going well, he was up and walking and was still on a break from more chemo. They were expecting results back any minute on the latest bone marrow scan.

We decided to visit Peter this morning. I drove to the hospital and I was actually not anxious at all about being at the hospital because it is my understanding that Camilla works the swing shift, so does not arrive at work until the afternoon. I drove into the parking lot and circled around to find some open parking spaces and I proceeded to park. My husband looked at me and then just stared at the car directly across from us. There we were, front bumper to front bumper with Camilla’s car. Are you kidding me? For a split second, I was going to move the car, or just leave altogether, and then I said, “fuck it.” She’s already at work, chances are we will not run into her. We’ll just go straight to Peter’s room and not stay too long.

We visited Peter, who looks somewhat better, is talking better, and seems to be in generally better spirits, but still isn’t eating. He is thinner than ever. We brought him some of our favorite DVD’s from home and also Blue Eyes purchased him the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie. This is my husband’s newest, latest, greatest obsession. He loves that movie. I do really like the soundtrack, but am not known to watch a movie more than once, or maybe twice. I have now seen G of G three times. Ugh.

Anyway, Peter received fantastic news last night. His scans came back clean. The first intensive 14-day round of chemo seems to have done the trick, and has killed off the leukemia. He won’t be out of the hospital any time soon, but at least he doesn’t have to have the next round of chemo. We are so happy for him.

And we never ran into Camilla, or any of her friends. Phew!

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