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utahDay four, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


Hey all, I never did post an Accountability Report before leaving home last Saturday. I will post as soon as we return from our travels. Currently I am struggling to get my steps and exercise in, but I am following my healthy eating plan meticulously. I have a feeling next week those two will be in reverse… exercise won’t be a problem, however, maintaining the strict eating guidelines may prove challenging in PARIS!!! Wish me luck! I may break down and have a Chocolat Chaud at Laduree. My BP and blood glucose numbers are holding steady. I do have eight flight segments in the next fifteen days that may prove challenging. I just need to remember to get up and move!!!


My wonderful, sweet, smart baby brother decided I needed a better archiving system on my blog. I wanted better drop down menus with post titles on the sidebar, but WP would not allow him to do that easily, so while he is holed up recuperating from surgery, he instead set up an Archive link on my blog (right next to My Story). For any newcomers, all my blog posts are listed in descending order, so the first blog entry is at the very bottom. It is really helpful for me to see all of them at a quick glance too as I have actually almost tried to use the same blog post title twice! Imagine that.

Looking forward to welcoming Blue Eyes to the mighty beehive state of Utah tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Accountability & Archives

  1. Awesome photo of the mountains and snow in SLC. We are sweltering here so that pic was refreshing! I can live a trip to Paris thru you!!!!!! Think of those French treats as the 20 % of your 80% healthy eating. If we did not indulge in that 20% we would go stark raving mad and we are human and we love food. So enjoy and have some for me as well please !

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  2. Go to the Ladurée on Rue Royale then go buy yourself something fabulous in one of the boutiques. Doesn’t have to be extravagant but find something you will love forever.

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  3. Have the tarte tatin too! The apples melt in your mouth, and they give you that little pitcher of cream to pour over it!!!
    I never gain an ounce on my trips because of how much I walk. By the end of each day I am sure I will never stand up again, but magically the next morning I am racing out the door for my au lait and croissant!! Bon Appetit!!!

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    • Mmm that does sound good. I never gain weight while traveling either as I get so much more exercise than I normally do sitting in my office. This time I would actually like to lose a little. 🙂


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