Leave your baggage at the door and join me for a little celebration

This is in real time… today: October 23, 2014.

I have taken a quick break from going back in time. Today is my husband’s 51st birthday, the 30th birthday I have celebrated with him. All but two of those birthdays we have celebrated together, in person. He was 23 and 24 years old the last time we were apart on his birthday. After he graduated college, he was living in Japan working for a Japanese company and I was back in the states, working on finishing my degree. We were engaged and I missed him so much I ended up moving to Japan and teaching English there for a bit. Being with my husband on his birthday is very, very important to me. I cherish the day he was born and we have always made the commitment to be together on this day. Likewise for my birthday. Normally I plan a really fun trip for us together. This year is a little different, but we are together today. I am going out of state by myself, and unfortunately in order to make my scheduled appointment tomorrow, I have to be at the airport at 4:30am, but today I am here.

As part of his “sobriety,” my husband is no longer on any kind of social media, no Facebook, no twitter, no Instagram, no LinkedIn (kind of a big deal for the CEO of his own company in 2014)… he changed out his mobile number about six months ago, and he is no longer speaking with his family. I think the social isolation was starting to get to him. But wouldn’t you know it, early this morning the emails and phone calls started pouring in. Now, my Facebook page has blown up with well wishes for my husband. My husband has so many friends that love him, and I have a huge family that loves him, he has two sons that love him, and now my Facebook friends are loving on him.

My wish for my husband this year, if I were blowing out all 51 of his candles, is for him to realize how much he is loved and that he can be that guy that everyone believes he is. He can let the demon go, for good.

To my husband, despite the shit storm you have put me through, I love you with all my heart, I really, really do.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

5 thoughts on “Leave your baggage at the door and join me for a little celebration

    • I talk about some of this in later posts… in a nutshell, I have shared with a couple good friends, my husband has now shared with a few of his good friends, we have told my parents and my sister. My husband’s sister also knows, but we are no longer on speaking terms with anyone in his family. I think anyone who needs to know, at this point, knows and everyone is very supportive of both of us.


      • Kind of the same here. My husband’s aunt knows, and one of his best friends. I told two of my girl friends. And that’s pretty much it. None of our immediate families know (except his aunt who would never betray that confidence). I was curious what others do. 🙂


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