On this day

I give thanks for the following things (and many others I am forgetting, that will probably show up on next year’s list):


*  I am thankful for this gorgeous tree that lives in my front yard and I am thankful

that I have the blessing of eyesight so that I can see it, in every season, in all its

glory (and a wonderful camera that captures it so beautifully), and for the pleasure

of breathing in the fresh Autumn air.

*  I am thankful for a family that loves me. Not just that they do, love me, but that

I KNOW they do.

*  I am thankful for all the things that bring laughter into my life.

*  I am thankful that I have been blessed with two amazing children, and an amazing

“work-in-progress” life partner.

*  I am thankful that I wake up every morning in a free country, and for Internet!

*  I am thankful for the choices I am able to make about my life, and my body, and

my health, every day.

*  I am thankful that I have food, clothing and shelter, and that I can share my wealth

so that others have the same.

*  I am thankful that after nine years, and a very painful process, my brother and sister

in law have the baby of their dreams.

*  I am thankful that I get to travel the world and experience the beauty of

other cultures.

*  I am thankful for the support of good, kind, thoughtful, understanding friends

who don’t judge.

*  I am thankful that I can learn from past behavior, and do better the next time.

*  I am thankful for rainbows, and sunshine, and mountains, and rivers, and sunsets,

and beaches, and the ocean.

*  I am thankful that I respected my own needs over the needs of others and chose

not to make Thanksgiving dinner today.

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