Articles on sex addiction

In reading recent posts on blogs I follow, I came across a couple of articles posted on that discuss sex addiction from one addict’s perspective. I am linking them here for anyone interested. They are very informational and kind of reiterate some of the things I have discussed regarding my husband here on my blog. Although my blog is about my journey, it is also about living with a recently diagnosed sex addict and his recovery journey. When my husband first walked into his 12 step, I think he was completely shocked and taken aback by some of the stories the men told. Stories of underage girls and prison. Of guys that were still acting out. Guys who didn’t understand sobriety, or were breaking the law. I listened to stories in my spouse support group about men spending hours downloading porn, I mean like 8-12 hours per day. I have heard stories about exhibitionists. Even in my own family, my uncle who is a non-recovered alcoholic was arrested twice in the 70’s for exposing himself at a local college. Pretty sure he is a sex addict too. There is a spectrum of behaviors with sex addiction, just like with anything else. Just because a person is not exhibiting all of them, or is not the worst guy in the room, does not mean he is not a sex addict. Being dubbed a “sex addict” is not a death sentence, it is a life line. An opportunity to take your life back and stop living a lie.

The first article is titled: 10 signs that you may be involved with a sex addict, by a sex addict

and: this is what being a sex addict is really like

I actually think the Philadelphia rehab the author is speaking of in the 2nd article is the one Russell Brand was speaking of in this article:

Anyway, I found all the articles to be helpful to me in continuing to understand my husband’s addiction.

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