Did someone say Cinnamon Rolls


Beautiful snow day. It was great until mother nature dropped a bunch of freezing rain on top of it. Still pretty though.

I am a sucker for cinnamon rolls. I adore them. I crave them. After making three meals a day for days, the Peacemaker and I decided we were going to be lazy one night and order in dinner from one of those delivery places. Apparently they do that kind of thing here too, not just in the big fancy places like New York City. Who knew?

As I was perusing the possibilities, I noticed Cinnabon was on the list… what? Who would order Cinnabon cinnamon rolls for delivery? How crazy, and decadent, and strange. We did not order cinnamon rolls for dinner, but just saying “cinnamon rolls” was enough to put sweet, fluffy, cinnamon-y fantasies into our heads. We ordered Italian food, which I regretted about an hour after eating. Later that evening, Blue Eyes said the magic words, “gee, cinnamon rolls sound really good right about now.” I jumped all over that. A few years back, before being diagnosed as a sugar-aholic, I mean diabetic, I launched this really bad habit of making batch after batch of Alton Brown’s Overnight Cinnamon Rolls. They are delicious and addicting and take FOREVER to make. Later I found this recipe The World’s Easiest Cinnamon Rolls on Minimalist Baker’s blog. It is much simpler and the rolls taste nearly as good.

cinnamon rolls

The recipe is actually vegan, but I did not have the requisite almond milk and vegan “butter,” so I just made them non-vegan. There is maybe a minute of kneading required, and they only rise once for an hour, so request by Blue Eyes to Blue Eyes stuffing his face with ooey gooey cinnamon sugar delights, took less than two hours. Next time I make them, I would up the cinnamon (they needed a little more cinnamon for me to be honest), and use brown sugar (Alton does). They were delicious!

Normally I wouldn’t have posted this. I made them two nights ago, they are a somewhat distant memory, but then I read Not Hate’s post, and she mentions cinnamon rolls, and then owlieme’s entertaining post today Habitually resolute. that is sort of about life and sort of about resolutions (of which I have none, especially not to give up cinnamon rolls) and since I don’t drink alcohol much anymore, I just felt like posting about cinnamon rolls, and mentioning how much I enjoyed owlieme’s post.

cinnamon roll

And in other news: Blue Eyes is done with his walker, the swelling has almost completely gone away, bruising is fading (finally), and he actually went downstairs and made me breakfast this morning… not even two weeks post surgery. Things are looking up!

Disclaimer: of course I have healthy goals. They are with me every day, not just once a year and they include eating well and exercising most of the time.

18 thoughts on “Did someone say Cinnamon Rolls

  1. I like your idea- to begin therapy sooner rather than later. Some surgeons have their idiosyncrasies and I try not to question them – but most times shake my head at their quirks. Stiffness is very common and may well be his biggest complaint for a while- especially after rising from a long rest. I will take that over pain every day of the week! Anyway- walking would be the best way to work through the hip stiffness. Being mindful of being upright in the trunk, striking with the heel then rolling to toe off and tightening the buttock and thigh at mid stance to build limb confidence and strength. Very good footwear (Brooks/Asics) will aide in the return of the normal form and stability during walking. And back to the rolls- I will definitely try the quick method with your suggestions. I will save the longer method for a snow day !

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    • Thank you! I will pass the recommendations on to BE and have him set up that appointment. He really likes the PT he is working with and she was the one to suggest he get an x-ray (pre surgery) because his range of motion was so poor, nothing really. Good luck with the rolls. I love having the boys around to eat my food. I make something luscious, take one small portion, then hand it over and it disappears, just like that. xxx

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  2. The flaking crust of the roll in the photo just convinced me to make these! My three growing boys need treats like this- and easy for me to make. Congrats on the progression from the walker!

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    • Hey, A. If you make the quickie recipe, I would definitely add more cinnamon and sugar and be sure not to over bake. Our oven is a bit wanky, so I watched them because there is nothing like going through the work and having dry bread. I think I took them out at 22 min. If you are not in a hurry, Alton Brown’s recipe is fabulous too. And yes, BE is so proud of himself. I am a bit concerned at how stiff he still is and how some of his leg (to the knee) muscles still hurt. I think he, after so many years of dealing with the pain, overcompensates for the hip and his knee aches during the day. I am thinking of trying to get him to the PT this week. Do you think it is too soon? His surgeon doesn’t usually recommend PT. He evaluates at the six week check up, but since BE has really developed some bad habits having had that hip pain for decades, I think he needs a specialist to show him how far he can push it. Thoughts?


  3. Thank you for the mention Kat 🙏🏻 I read this and scurried my chubby legs to my yoga mat chanting ‘you will not eat cake, you will not eat cake’ and I did not eat cake – yet!!! They look delicious, your husband is a lucky patient!! 😍😘

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  4. OMG I don’t dare make these. I barely dare look as I think I’ll gain 5 pounds just drooling over them. Cinnamon rolls are completely irritable to me. Beautiful!!!!

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