Feeling lucky

Do you ever have one of those days, or weeks, where you feel lucky? Like pinch yourself lucky? Like you should really get yourself on down to the casino and play some cards, lucky? Or maybe this is the day to buy that winning lottery ticket? Or… you feel like today is the day you should push that little Google button ‘I’m feeling lucky.’ (just kidding) Well, I don’t gamble, at all, but I am feeling pretty lucky lately. Almost like I actually did win the lottery.

I just spent four days at the beach house with The Peacemaker (I’m only home for a day because of a meeting I had in town today). Blue Eyes joined us Saturday and Sunday with the dogs. We love this particular two-mile stretch of beach on the Oregon Coast. We chose it on purpose, because it is quiet, very quiet a lot of the year. It is also gorgeous. Honestly though, we have not truly been able to enjoy it, and explore it, until now. During the winter the tide runs high at both high and low tide. High enough to actually get all the way up onto our deck at one point earlier this year. Again, they say that is a rare occurrence and we are hoping “they” are right. During the summer, however, low tide allows for some beautiful walks both north and south. North you can easily cross over to other beaches and walk all the way, in fact, into the town of Cannon Beach. Walking south, however, you encounter what seems like a whole other world with rock groupings around a basalt point, tide pools, dramatic structures and a cave that leads to a beach full of boulders and then a long stretch of sandy beach where the forest literally meets the sand. We have so much more to explore, but here’s a little of the beauty from the past few days.


First, Blue Eyes’ new addition to the Beach House, a Chinese Buddha relic, maybe 300 years old.

Our first night’s sunset walk along our stretch of beach. South End.




Second night’s sunset walk. North End.







Day three walk. North.







Third night sunset.

Day four walk. South End.




New super comfy chaise lounges for the deck.


Our little guard dog also likes the new chairs!

So yeah. I feel very lucky. ❀


18 thoughts on “Feeling lucky

  1. These photos are remarkable. Are there any coffee shops or other small businesses that feature local artists’ works? I’d bet you could sell them even for a modest price, how cool would it be to know others are enjoying them? There are a couple I would gladly buy!

    What might be cool is to try to replicate one or more in paint.

    What camera are you shooting with?

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    • Hey B. Yeah there are coffee shops like that both at the coast and in Portland. I’m just using my iPhone for these, easy to carry around on long walks. About 3/4 of them have filters. I like filters. 😁. My big camera, Nikon D300 is really heavy. I’m thinking of getting a smaller camera, or a bigger iPhone, ha. I could probably also print and sell on Etsy, but it’s really just a hobby. I’m definitely planning on doing some sketching and painting though. For now we’re enjoying the exploring.

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    • We started looking for beach property four days before dday. I am really quite shocked it came together at all. I feel good that BE was looking to shape a new life for himself and felt a beach retreat would be a good place for us to heal. And even though I didn’t deserve any of the pain and trauma, and we have both done a lot of hard work towards recovery, I do feel lucky that we are in this place now, and that I have this amazing retreat. xx


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