Adventures afoot


I don’t particularly care for hard candy, but isn’t this pretty! It reminds me of my older son’s Bar Mitzvah party. The kids’ tables were decorated with swirly suckers and tons of candy.

I’m about to embark on my yearly wellness adventure, but first I’m off to see TC in Miami at the end of March, lol. She’s all about the decadence, not so much the healthy, but she does like to walk a mean mile, so that’s good.

It all started about four months ago. I was healing nicely from my summer surgery, my weight was at its lowest in 30 years, and then BAM… travel, sickness, more sickness, more travel, holidays, exhaustion, and I found myself creeping back into the unhealthy zone. My weight was inching up. My blood sugars were on the rise, and I just felt generally BLAH. During a business trip to Los Angeles earlier this month I gorged on In-N-Out Burger (Blue Eyes’ favorite nostalgic childhood food indulgence).


Not everyone loves In-N-Out, but a lot of people do. Blue Eyes grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, and he LOVES In-N-Out. I like it a lot. I don’t compare it to fancy restaurant burgers. It’s a fast food burger for sure. I always order a double double plain… the perfectly toasted bun, the fresh meat fried on seasoned grills, and a bunch of oozing high quality American cheese. Yep. Not healthy, and I like it a lot!

Then there were the lobster rolls by the pool, and a meal of ridiculously sweet donuts and super delicious fried chicken at Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, downtown LA.


Astro’s super yummy fried chicken and sauces


Astro’s Birthday Cake Doughnut is sweet beyond belief

All that craziness actually caused me to be violently ill. I hate when that happens. One thing about me and diabetes… my body tells me loud and clear when I’ve crossed over the crap food line. I don’t normally eat like this. I’m not sure what was up with me. I’m going to blame it on menopause.

Upon our return home, I decided I needed a 10-day sugar detox to kickstart my body back to health. I opted for Dr. Hyman’s program for the 10 days. I stocked up on high quality lean proteins, lots of good fats (EVOO, avocados, nuts) and healthy seeds (flax, chia, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower), and a freakin’ boat load of good, fresh non-starchy veggies like spinach, kale, bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, cucumbers…

Every morning started with a smoothie made from berries, almond butter, avocado, nuts, seeds, greens, and almond milk.

So many smoothies.

Each Monday I cranked up the Instant Pot and made some healthy chicken bone broth soup for lunches, to go along with our fresh salads.

Dinners included Turkey Meatballs over braised purple cabbage (no photo, but delicious. We repeat our favorite recipes every week). Coconut Curry over vegetables topped with fresh cod, cilantro & cashews;

Bok Choy salad with crunchy veggies, pickled radishes, shredded chicken, and Asian miso dressing + more of Dr. Hyman’s recipes.

This isn’t an ad, lol. I like his program and his simple recipes. There was also the Valentines dinner of cast iron skillet seared filet mignon (thanks to the masterful cooking of The Peacemaker), sautéed mushrooms, and a huge Super Greens salad with strawberries, pine nuts, cucumber & balsamic vinaigrette.

Today I made a bibimbap with cauliflower rice, locally grown, grass-fed beef, bok choy, zucchini, spinach, and gochujang sauce.

I’m loosely following Dr. Hyman’s recommendations, for now, very few carbs (mostly lots of non-starchy veg), very little dairy (actually I’ve had zero dairy for two weeks), minimal beans & legumes (I haven’t added these back in yet, but soon), low fat sustainable meat & egg choices, and healthy (for me) fats. I know from experience that things like bacon, butter, too much coconut oil, high fat meats in general, raise my triglycerides. That’s a bad thing. It’s important we know our own bodies. When “they” say consult your doctor, they mean it.

I had intended to start back up my serious exercise regimen as well, but a strained ankle and horrible weather have kept me house bound. Even without much exercise, mainly just dog walks between snow flurries, I lost 5+ pounds on the detox and my blood sugars started normalizing by the second day. I don’t weigh myself often, but I feel good. No more excuses though, today is the day to stop procrastinating on exercise. Tomorrow morning: Zumba

Nightclub style Zumba in Portland. Very fun! (that guy is my favorite instructor!)

Thirty days and counting and I’m off to Florida to commence my month+ of “me” time. Last year I took nearly three months. No return flight scheduled. I like to keep things open ended. I have this dream of wearing a modest two piece swimsuit on the beaches of Tahiti for mine and Blue Eyes’ 30th Wedding Anniversary this summer. I haven’t worn a two-piece since I was in college. Wish me luck!

22 thoughts on “Adventures afoot

  1. I was wondering why the name Dr. Hyman sounded so familiar. Looked him up. Then realized I had looked him up before when we lived in NE Ohio, and I was researching functional medicine. OY. My memory.

    Your meals look fabulous!

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  2. The struggle is real (especially when you are with me lol).

    I think you are so right. Your body tells you when decadence has lost its feel good factor. It’s then that we have to put the breaks on. As you know dear, my pig outs are the exception, not my rule. That’s why it works. But yeah, when I come back from a vacation I always feel like a beached whale, slightly disgusted with myself. My clothes are tights and I’m just super uncomfortable. I get you. But the good news is I eat for two, you don’t need to eat it all yourself 😜 I am a truly good friend that way.

    I totally want you to look and feel your best for your upcoming trip. I think you could totally pull off a bikini, you have great legs.

    See you soon

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  3. What is this food stuff you show pictures and speak of? LOL.
    I could post a picture of a bologna sandwich made with burned toast.
    Ah…your adventures! I’m so jealous and I do so hate you! (You know I’m kidding.). ❤️😘❤️

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    • Two working parents, growing kids with school & activities… maybe hire a nanny that likes to cook healthy! 🤷🏻‍♀️😉 I know one of those, but she’s in NYC. Hire that personal chef. Give yourself a gift. BE and I talked about it for years. Now they have healthy meal delivery services, but it is a commitment.

      Cooking healthy actually does take a high level of planning and a lot of time. I can do it now as kids are grown and I work part time from home. But it still takes a chunk of my day, especially prepping all those veggies.

      I’m counting the days…. I think a big part of my problem is, as I age, I very quickly tire of cold weather. I really don’t like winter as a season anymore. I never thought I would say that! xo


  4. Fun!!!! I haven’t worn a two piece since high school. I would need surgery to get into one at this point. My last pregnancy gave me the gift of diastasis recti. So I look pregnant and have no core strength. Your travel adventures sound amazing. I’m sure it will be a good time.
    We leave for a short cruise next Saturday. I need some sunshine and warmth. I’m tired of 18 degrees.
    Glad you are getting health back in order. Never easy.

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    • Ooh, have fun on your cruise! Soak in the warmth. I’m dreaming of Miami right now!

      I looked pregnant for years, no excuse except way stretched out skin from babies that were too big for me, c-section, etc… plus not losing the weight, then losing the weight and exercising like crazy and still the skin just hung (ew). Tummy tuck took care of that, but I’m STILL swollen from the lipo. I say a big thumbs down to lipo (if anyone ever asks me). Anyway, with a few more pounds down I’m hoping I will feel comfortable this summer. I’m pretty modest when it comes to bathing suits. As a matter of fact, last night after posting, I went online and purchased a modest designer two-piece from Bergdorf’s! 😮 It reminded me of Tahiti! ❤️


      • I’m overweight and that is some of the problem. I had 2 c-sections and two babies almost 8lbs 3 weeks early. I’m 5’2″ with a very short torso. The inn ran out of room both times. My sister had a tummy tuck a few years ago for diastasis recti. She had lipo and implants too. She lucked out on alot of costs b/c she did it while in for hysterectomy. Anyway, I’m starting to look at tummy tuck and a breast lift. I’m DD so no implants but the girls have wandered out of their zip code. I’m just so nervous about finding a good surgeon. I would have to go to Pittsburgh or Cleveland.
        Good for you on the suit!!! Tahiti looks amazing. I’d like to go to Maldives as well. Ah, so many places to see and so little time.

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        • I’ve been overweight and dieting since I was 14. My second son was over 9 pounds and 10 days early. My stretch marks are/were insane. I hear you. I’m about 5’5” though and short legs, not so much the middle. I’ve never had a desire for implants, always fine with my perky C’s (even though my husband’s other women all had large breasts, they were all large women). Large breasts wouldn’t suit me. I have no hips 🤦🏻‍♀️. The doc went a little crazy with the lipo. I’m sure you’ll find a good doc in one of those big cities.

          I also have the Maldives on my wish list. It’s so far away. I would want to go for a month! ❤️


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