Making time for everything


I spent six hours in the garden yesterday. The front garden clematis are really enjoying themselves. They’re everywhere, and huge, and gorgeous!

I’ve been getting some inspiration from Dave’s Blog. Finding where my joy comes from, and also getting back to scheduling so I am able to do, if not all, then a lot of things I love every day. I am a scheduler by nature, but honestly have never scheduled in specific leisure activities. I always scheduled my appointments, work requirements, school assignments, kids’ activities, etc… I even scheduled in when I would clean out the pantry, or declutter the garage. One year I scheduled a purge/cleaning of one room of the house for each month of the year. Including the garage and bathrooms, we have 15 total rooms, so I doubled up the first few months, when I was really motivated. It was the year our second child went off to college back east, and I not only cleaned and decluttered both boys’ rooms, I repainted and redecorated them as well. That was quite a year, and needless to say, it was all before d-day. After January, 2014, I didn’t go down to the lower level of our house for three full years. Now that is crazy!

I like to do a lot of different things and then there are the things I don’t love so much and which I have always scheduled so I was sure to get them done. Sometimes doing the things I have to do didn’t leave much time for the things I want to do. I have been reading, A LOT. Now that the weather is warmer and less rainy, I will schedule in more garden time than reading time. I haven’t been painting, but I think doing an online painting or drawing class will motivate me to find that special painting spot (if nothing else, I’ll do some plein air: outdoor painting), and I also really need to schedule in at least an hour to work on writing that mystery novel. It’s something I want to finish some day. I need to take at least two walks a day, or other exercise, so that will go in as well as cooking and I want to get to sleep earlier, and get up earlier, so that’s a priority.

I’m looking forward to scheduling the hours to do all the activities I enjoy.

Chive blossoms in the back garden.

8 thoughts on “Making time for everything

  1. It’s amazing how much “ahead” your garden is compared to here (climate). Beautiful.

    My life used to be so tightly scheduled that I gave it all up after a few crazy-scheduled months after D-Day, hub’s psychotic break and my subsequent frantic moves. My body wore out and I was just done with it. Depleted. Many times, now, I wish I had a schedule. And now, with shelter-in-place, it’s been “easier” to be lax on that.

    I think we all have different “answers” or needs for ourselves. I love being able to be more physical. I’m frustrated that I only have 50% oxygen intake because my trachea is half-closed. In order to step it up a notch, I need more oxygen, literally, and physically, it’s blocked.

    I guess slow ands steady wins for me. Hope you find what’s right for you with scheduling. ❤

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    • Hey beleeme. We had some dry 80+ degree days, now back into the 60’s and rain, but definitely no snow. Our beautiful cherry blossoms, dogwood and lilacs are gone. Azaleas and rhodies are going strong… roses are blooming. Lots of clematis. Many more goodies to come. I’m planting a dahlia cutting garden this weekend. I ordered myself 25 dahlia varieties. Should be fun!

      I was an utter mess and did almost nothing for two years post dday. I find I am more productive with lists now. Now that I have the energy and focus back. You need to give yourself more time to heal! 🤗

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      • Dahlias are so pretty! Great for cutting! Here, we have to store Dahlia tubers in moist moss indoors above freezing temps if we want to keep them to re-plant. I actually bought Zinnia seeds (yes – SEEDS – LOL) and have planted them to start in pots to be transplanted for cutting. Something to do. They actually mature in 45-ish days, so we’ll see!

        I’m a bit over 4 years post D-Day, and that’s good, BUT — out-of state move, selling two homes, build a new house, poor therapeutic help, Dad died, we moved into new house, then I was diagnosed with the mass in my chest thought to be cancer, then a major surgery & recovery. It’s just been nuts. And my husband’s suicide attempt and psychotic break — I worry — will it happen again? He’s doing well psychologically, but it took about 18 months out for him to be fairly stable, and it was so scary, and still in the shadows in my own mind.

        I think I’ve done reasonably well considering all the extra stuff (and I know other betrayed women deal with lots and lots more, too). I’m taking it pretty easy these days, but getting exercise if it doesn’t rain. (I need to get over the rain thing.) I do need more time to heal. It’s not a sprint. Marathon. Patience. ❤

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        • It’s just so much for one body to handle. You have been through a war. Slow & steady sounds like self-care and self-kindness! ❤️

          I plant zinnia along our front fence every year. I usually purchase them at the nursery all ready to go, blooming and everything. This year I purchased starts from our CSA farm and she says they’re not ready to go in the ground yet. She starts everything from seed of course. I don’t usually purchase them from the nursery until June anyway, so I can wait. 😊

          I think I will have to dig up my dahlias too. I could risk it, but I don’t want to have to re-purchase them all. This is my first dahlia garden. I’m very excited! xo

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          • You’re right. I can see the remnants of the war on my face, and the rest of my body. My light is still inside, though. I did a selfie today with a couple of face-masks and my eyes look sad.

            My Zinnias are about 1/2 inch! LOL I ventured out with a mask to a nursery today. Typical “non-frost” time in our area is around Memorial Day. You know what? I bought an interesting Dahlia. It caught my eye, and I instantly thought of you. Seriously! I bought it in honor of you! I don’t have room on our new property for a cutting garden or such – yet – I’d have to decide how much of Baxter’s yard I would take away and it’s VERY small compared to our previous 2 acres! But I’ll grow it in a pot and place it in a location where I will enjoy it.

            Part of my self-care has been simplifying all the work in my life. Someday, I think I should write a post about my former gardens. It was one way I nurtured b/c I couldn’t;t have children. ❤

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            • I love your selfie! I ordered myself some bandeaus from Natural Life. I think I’ll be wearing them for a while!

              Ooh, what color is your dahlia? I can’t wait to see a photo. Maybe I have the same one? I plan to take lots of photos of my cutting garden. I can’t wait until they bloom! I’m honored that you thought of me! And yes to a post about your former garden. Travel, reading, painting, cooking, and gardening are my loves! xoxo

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  2. Wanna come clean my house with me? I’m purging EVERYTHING. C’mon, there’s treasures in every closet. IT’S AN ADVENTURE.

    I’ve been trying to allot time for it, but it’s such an ordeal. I can’t get rid of things because none of the local organisations are taking donations. I’m hoping as the state opens up a bit, I can clear out things. Sadly, most of the time I feel like it’s actually pointless to try to clear it out, it’s not like it’s going anywhere.

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    • Ha, I love cleaning and decluttering OTHER people’s houses! I have been boxing up things for when I can donate. It is frustrating not being able to get rid of things right away, but as long as the things that are boxed up tidy ready to go, it works for me. Hang in there… hopefully things will get better soon. One thing I do know is that our yard will be the tidiest it’s ever been after this spring of shelter in place! 🤗

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