Sunshine on a cloudy day

My zinnias survived the moving van. I lost a couple plants and about 30 blooms, but honestly, that’s a drop in the bucket of what is out there. It still looks beautiful.

The neighbors did move out. I thought this would mean that our neighborhood would be quieter, but instead, they are fixing up the house, possibly to sell, who knows, but now there is the constant activity of workers coming and going. As long as they stay away from my garden, I don’t care what goes on over there.

Speaking of the garden, August is a glorious time in Portland for dahlias, and also harvesting veggies. Last night we all sat down to an amazing Mexican inspired dinner that included salsa verde chicken, chicken Tinga, peach salsa, corn salsa, kale and cabbage slaw, guacamole in our new huge molcajete, and The Peacemaker’s rendition of Rajas Poblanas, roasted poblano peppers with lots of cheese.

In order to give more energy to all the little blossoms and new peppers coming on the plants, a couple days ago we harvested anaheims, poblanos, and jalapeños.

We love peppers!

We also love cucumbers, but next year we’ll plant just a couple. We have harvested dozens of cucumbers already. They grow so fast!

June, 2020
August, 2020

We also had a bit of a tomato catastrophe. One of the plants got so heavy with tomatoes that the cage collapsed.

No worries though, I was able to salvage the lot. The Peacemaker is such a genius. His comment: next year we need a sturdier cage, 😂. Ya think?

Harvest Time

We currently have 2 fig trees in the front, and a persimmon tree plus 3 apple trees in the back garden. This coming spring I’m planning to espalier a plum, and plant 2 dwarf peach trees near the apples. The rock retaining wall in the fruit tree garden is about half done.

Weirdly enough, today we had clouds, and tonight we had rain, but dahlias light up the whole house, regardless the weather. Rain is good. Today’s dahlia pics:

Part of the dahlia cutting garden before, May 2020
Cutting garden after, August 2020
Little bouquet of Day Dreamer, Jenna, Brookside Cheri, and Gabrielle MarieDinner table bouquet

Gardening is a beautiful thing!


12 thoughts on “Sunshine on a cloudy day

    • Thank you, SW. Clearly I love gardening. Today we harvested 12 cucumbers and three dozen+ tomatoes. Also, bunches and bunches of table grapes. It’s been a very prosperous garden year with all the extra shelter in place attention. ❤️

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