19 thoughts on “I won’t ask you

  1. I saw this a few months back and loved it. But I love Frieda. It used to be a standing question, even during the affair, hhhmmm did I feel something before I actually “knew it”??? do you love me? Of course he answered yes.Every.damn.time. he answered yes very convincingly. And then during reconciliation of course then that was the main question. After a while I understood that question was useless. He claimed he “loved” me even during the affair. WTF how do you do that even? Then I grew weary of even trying to sort through that abstract notion OR I just didn’t care any more. I didn’t care if he loved me ESPECIALLY if I had to ask. Supposedly as we get older we get smarter. Well I’m old and I still believe I must be the dumbest of all! Then my friend Frieda educated me.

    Indeed, if I have to ask it doesn’t matter any more. Hugs dear girl. I hope you are doing well.

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    • Hey TH, yeah, I had screen shot the photos a few months ago and just re-found them while uploading photos to my new computer. Didn’t have time to say much about it, but I think her words speak for themselves. She was amazing.

      I am doing okay, but really wanting to be able to safely travel around again. xo

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