It’s a good thing: brunch

My boys are back from their business trip to Japan. I had such great plans for cleaning out the house, getting a ton of stuff done, doing a nice Fall cleanup in the garden, all during those two weeks. Well, c’est la vie, best laid plans and all that. Two days into my three walks a day with Bernie the Australian Shepherd, my left hip said, nope, we’re done. Then, as I started cleaning out the dining room and unpacking extra items brought over from the beach house, I tore something in my right shoulder. Geez, you’d think I was 80 years old. So, I took to writing, and the arthritis in my hands went into overdrive. It was like my whole body was telling me to relax, calm down, take a break from it all. So I did. My hikes with the dog became short walks with a bunch of arthritis cream applied to my hip, and then I sent Bernie on some hikes with his old doggie daycare buds.

As it turned out, nearly everyone was either out of town on business, or taking a vacation, or on bereavement leave, so I could relax from work too. It was a good two weeks. I talked with friends, read some books, enjoyed my short walks with the dog, and binge-watched a couple television shows.

Things are back to work per usual. Since the weather has been insanely warm and sunny (this will disappear later this week and we’ll be back to 50’s and rain), The Peacemaker and I have been going to brunch every Tuesday before heading into the office. Eating outside in mid-October is a treat. I think after all these years I have finally figured out the solution to my weight issues. I eat anything I want, but only when I am really hungry, and only in small quantities, usually very small quantities. Portion control and listening to my body, yeah it seems so simple. Also, menopause did such a number on me, I just don’t have the appetite I once did, and I can no longer eat comfortably some of the richer foods I used to love. I guess I’m just old now. It’s okay, I’m going with the flow.

And it’s certainly not like I am depriving myself. Last week’s brunch spot with my son was a local Portland Scandinavian restaurant, Broder. My mother is half Swedish, half English and so I grew up on such Swedish goodies as brown bread with Swedish meatballs, and Swedish pancakes with lingonberries. Broder actually serves Aebelskivers, which are Danish, and like a combination of pancakes and donuts.

Aebleskivers with lemon curd and lingonberries
Lefse, Norwegian Potato Crepe with ham, cheese, and sunnyside up egg.
Swedish Meatballs

Today’s brunch was at a local favorite, Gravy. The portions are absolutely monstrous, but we brought back leftovers for Blue Eyes, and no doubt The Peacemaker will get a couple more meals out it. The only downside to this arrangement is that I only eat a little of everything so that leaves a lot for The Peacemaker. He’ll have to learn his own methods for maintaining a healthy weight, and we’re only doing this once per week. I am enjoying this little outing with my son.

I ordered the Chile Verde with poached egg and fresh corn tortillas
The Peacemaker ordered the chicken fried steak and gravy, hash browns and scrambled eggs
Mine also came with a side of french toast

I’m in a decent place. We’ve got some fun travel coming up, a family reunion at Disneyland, and our annual trip to Hawaii. Life is Good.

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