I watched him sleep

Journal Entry: November 7, 2014


“One foot in front of the other. Keep breathing just like they taught you. You politely ask to take a walk with me. I would have married you there underneath the trees. Is it real, this thing? Is it real, ooooh, this thing?

When you sleep.

I could make you happy, I could make you love me, I could disappear completely. I could be your love song, I could be long gone, I could be a ghost in your eardrum, I could disappear completely, be with me. When you sleep, will it be with me.”  -Mary Lambert

A Poem to Blue Eyes

I watch you sleep.

I hunger to live inside that place where I can hear your rhythmic heart beat.

I desire the pleasure of skin’s touch, limbs intertwined, as you peacefully slumber.

I yearn to nestle into your body every morning as the light bursts through.

I need to melt in the warmth and strength of your arms, every day.

I long to feel your soft lips as they brush against my breasts on the way to my mouth. I long to feel you. I long to taste you. I long to be with you.

For the rest of my life.

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