Accountability Report. Week Two

PepexTrioI’m still doing well on my self prescribed health plan, and living high on the power of music again this week. For inspiration to get back on that elliptical after a minor ankle tweak, I changed up my exercise play list, which got me digging around in my music library.

I happened upon one of my favorite songs.

As I have said, everything means something different to me since dday, especially song lyrics. Who knows what I thought when listening to Stay before, but I know what I think now. I want to stay with my husband. I want him to stay with me. I want him to do the work. We are working together now to get us both really healthy, mentally and physically. This line kind of takes my breath away:

If you dare, come a little closer.

Blue Eyes takes my breath away. I think this exercise “thing” is working on me. It is bringing some life back into these old bones. Exercising gives me energy and cranks the endorphins into high gear. I’m going to keep doing it!

I added Stay to the “cool down” portion of my workout, but I added Rihanna’s S&M to the “get moving” portion. Something about that song really gets me going, it’s the beat… it’s the beat!?!

So, like I said, we are tackling our health goals together. Blue Eyes has about 15 pounds he wants to lose and I, of course, have my own weight goals, but more than weight on the scale, we want health, both mental and physical. We are both doing our share of communicating, attending therapy appointments, he has 12 step and Buddhist meditation, I have support groups and calming exercises. I still want to incorporate yoga. As far as eating and exercise, we are getting into a groove. I finally activated the new Fitbit I received as a gift from Mr. & Mrs. Smiley. Not sure I will be able to keep up with them, but I will give it my best shot. Even though the weight on the scale this morning didn’t really move much, I am feeling great. The rest of my scores are improving nicely. I have one more week at home before my marathon travel schedule commences. Traveling will make things more difficult, but certainly not impossible. I am already making plans for how to stick with my goals.

Numbers for the week:

Average Daily Calories: 1428 (A little high, not bad, but I would still like to average 1300. All those calories were good nutritional options)

No sugars/No red meat/limited dairy/got in all my fruits and veggies.

Average Daily Fiber: 29g

Average Daily Steps: 6952 (I struggled earlier in the week with bone spurs on my left heel no doubt prompted by my first intense tennis lesson in over a year. I also tweaked my right ankle on some stairs. I have a torn meniscus in my right knee, so I favor it sometimes and I can be off balance… nothing major though. I am back up to over 10,000 steps for the past couple days. 10,000 steps is my new daily goal).

Average Daily Exercise: I averaged one exercise per day Saturday through Thursday, Yesterday I was back on schedule with 35 minutes on the Elliptical and a 4.6 mile walk. The weather has been amazing, which helps with the long walks, my favorite. We live right next to a forest trail, so I guess some of my walking could actually be considered hiking).

Average Daily Sleep: 8 hours

Blood Sugars: 2/14-141, 2/15-153, 2/16-136, 2/17-n/a, 2/18-155, 2/19-167, 2/20-131, 2/21-121

Average Blood Pressure: 122/71, resting heart rate: 56

Weight: 191 (1 pound loss, 4 pound loss total)

I feel better! For this week I want to keep my calories at 1300 and start to cut back on the grains, even though I am eating only whole grains, I plan to try a Whole30/Paleo Diet once we are home for a full 30 days. That will be April, but it doesn’t hurt to be better prepared.

See you again next week. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Accountability Report. Week Two

  1. Torn meniscus hey? I had one too and went and saw a knee quack and he said to me to spend three months doing special knee exercises at the gym and then see him again if it did not get better. After two months at the gym where the knee kept getting worse I was at the Chiro having my back adjusted and he told me to stop wasting my time at the gym and just do the yoga. What was happening was the yoga was helping then the gym was undoing it all. It worked. My knees feel 25 yrs old.
    Has BE thought about yoga?
    Do you have a bikram place nearby?

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    • Blue Eyes tried to do yoga years ago (once), but gave it up. He just came home one day and said he was going to go to yoga. I was like, okay. He went once and quit saying he couldn’t keep his balance. He was actually encouraged to go to yoga by his affair partner. He had told her that I wouldn’t pay for physical therapy (WTF, I don’t make those decisions about his health???) so she suggested yoga. He has a really difficult time with his joints left over from his juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and he has a difficult time with his core due to all his surgeries. When we get back from travel, we are going to set up an appointment for both of us at a local facility that specializes in body alignment and balance. They have physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors all at their facility, plus trainers, and classes. No yoga, I don’t think, but we have yoga studios very near our home including bikram. We are in a pretty big American city, so we really have everything. I want to get him to the PT before we start too much of anything else. We are currently just walking and doing the elliptical which we can keep up while traveling. I definitely want to find a good bikram studio soon.


      • BE really suffers from health issues poor thing. Bad you not letting him get the treatment he needs. As if!
        The current world champion of bikram is a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer. He was diagnosed at 13 and I think he is about 25 now. Most yoga you find out there can be strenuous or relaxing but the only yoga that is restorative is the bikram style. It really compliments chiropractic adjustments and helps the muscle memory and stretches scar tissue all which aid the body to heal.

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    • Thanks for commenting, it got me over to read some of your blog! 🙂 . If you ran a half marathon a couple weeks ago, not sure you need any cues from me, ha. Thanks for the encouragement. Surprisingly, these blogs of “anonymous” friends with horrifyingly similar circumstances really do provide an enormous amount of support and comfort.

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  2. Just making those choices stick. Slow and permanent. And you’re so right about endorphins and energy, wink, wink! I always say week three feels good, when I FEEL the muscle soreness easing and the first tiny feel-good feelings of “fitness” Go Kat! You’re amazing x

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    • Thank you so much. It does help to have the moral support. I did four weeks of a six week kickboxing bootcamp a few years ago and I was probably 10 years older than everyone else there. I tried so desperately and then fell apart. Before I injured myself, however, it felt so good. The first few days I literally had trouble lifting my legs out of bed. It was great though once those muscles figured out what they were supposed to be doing. I realized, however, that I am not 25 years old anymore. I need to be gentle with my body. When we get back in town, we are going to go in to this fitness center nearby that has trainers, physical therapist, masseuse, chiropractic, etc… they are specialists in the human body (much more so than the average gym). I am hoping they will be able to work around all our old body idiosyncrasies. 🙂

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