Take me away

paintingSunday’s “take me away” painting, 16″ x 20″, oil on canvas

Not sure why Sundays are so difficult for me, but considering how many times I have written about it, it is a real thing. I am actually looking forward to Mondays these days as we get back on a schedule. Sundays should feel open and carefree because we rarely have anything scheduled except going out to the farm, and Blue Eyes has his Buddhist meditation, but they don’t feel carefree, at least not for me. Things don’t feel quite right anymore. I also woke up with a wicked sore throat. I am never fully well these days. Late yesterday while Blue Eyes was out, I decided painting would help me out of my funk.

This painting started out as a tree grove on a foggy morning in Ojai, California. I was painting from a photo I had taken there late June 2014 while Blue Eyes was at his Intensive program. The more I painted, the less I liked it. I decided to take the paint that was on the canvas and transform it into something altogether different. I just started spreading the paint around the canvas. Oils are amazing this way. Since they are “wet” for quite some time, they are easily manipulated. Unfortunately, if you really like what you painted and don’t want to mess with it, but want to add something on top, you have to wait for it to dry. I am not very patient, so that is frustrating. After all was said and done, and adding in some blues and pinks, this is what I ended up with. The sky had always been a bit brooding, because that was how it was in Ojai that morning. The bright, hot sun was trying to break through the fog, but none of the rest of this painting even remotely looks like Ojai. I want to go to this place and sit and breathe in the fresh air and feel the cool water of the stream on my feet. This place doesn’t really exist except in my mind. And that’s okay. I like it here.

20 thoughts on “Take me away

    • Thank you, thank you! Those hills started out as a purple mountain, but it felt forced to me, so I quickly spread them out and made them more subtle. It was fun taking something I didn’t care for and making it into something I like.


  1. I agree. It reminds me of a warm summer day where I awake from nap lying in a bed of grass at the side of a river. My focus isn’t quite sharp yet and this is what I see.

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    • It is 16″ x 20.” I am from the Pacific Northwest, so brooding skies are some of my favorites, but as I sat there looking at it, I actually thought of painting another similar to it with a beautiful blue sky because blues are my favorite. Thanks for the lovely comment!


  2. Kat that is just beautiful. I love it!!! I wish I could paint. I may start just to relieve some stress and anxiety. Mine however would not be this tranquil and lovely. I’m thinking Jackson Pollock :/ with a gun!!!

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