Happy blog anniversary to me

Thanks WordPress for letting me know. It’s been three years! Wow. I’m so glad I have had this venue to talk things out.


Indeed I do feel like I have been through a rough storm, but I’m not going to drown. I’m doing okay. Good even.

Thanks for being there for me. ❤

10 thoughts on “Happy blog anniversary to me

  1. It is hard to give congratulations because of what brought you here. Still, love, commitment and plain old grit has kept you going, and giving, and is cause for something. So….I don’t remember if it is the Kiwis or the Aussies but somewhere in the Antipodes is the saying, “Good on you!”. So that is my “toast” to you.

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  2. Firstly congrats for being in this community for some years !! Its also good to read your posts that totally are open to discuss . And i also like to see that you have written freely. . No limits to talk about some topics which is seen by people as so private. . Do keep blogging and inspiring us to write what we love to write !! Best !

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