This is my time

I’m leaving early tomorrow morning, heading east, and I plan to be away from home for at least five weeks. I need this time. I feel lucky because my kids are grown and anything I need to do for work (which is very little at this point) can be done remotely. I’m lucky because my husband and son will take care of the houses and the pets, and for that I am grateful. I feel lucky because I didn’t feel compelled to ask permission to do what I need to do for myself. Blue Eyes understands. This is my time, to work on myself. To focus on my health, and to write. I may even take a local painting class or two. The bulk of my time will be spent in North Carolina and I intend to take another trip to the Outer Banks and find some wild horses. I’ll probably take a drive to Asheville, because, well, ASHEVILLE! It’s a beautiful beautiful place. I’ve never been to Williamsburg, Virginia. I may drive up there. The opportunities are endless, but the important thing is… I have no schedule. I have a home base and from there, I shall explore on my own time and with my own self.

Mark Buckler

Wild horses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Photo Credit: Mark Buckler

First, however, I will be visiting the lovely Totally Caroline for four days in southern Florida. I have selfishly left all the planning up to her. I don’t care if we just sit around eating burgers and key lime pie all day, but I have a feeling she has a lot more up her sleeve for us. And I know there will be walking! Blue Eyes will fly out and join us for one day. TC and BE have never met. I think they will like each other.

From Miami, Blue Eyes and I will road trip it up through Jacksonville, FL, South Carolina (Bluffton, Beaufort, and Charleston) and finally he will fly home from Raleigh, NC and I will check myself into a place that I know from experience is very very good for my physical and mental health. I have my own modern one bedroom apartment, chefs that cook all my healthy meals, and a plethora of exercise classes just steps away. I can feel my whole body relaxing as I type this. Being able to take this time away is a luxury, for sure. But I’m worth it!

Meanwhile, a well known company will be shooting a portion of their upcoming furniture catalog at our beach house. That will totally pay for my trip. Well, okay, part of my trip. 🙂

24 thoughts on “This is my time

  1. You might be around for the cherry blossoms in DC. They usually arrive late March/early April. We already have jonquils and next come forsythias. Spring is such a time for hope. I hope you have lots of sunshine for your visit.

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    • There was lots of sunshine the first 10 days of the trip… through Florida and South Carolina. Now, not so much. It’s been chilly and rainy in NC and now with the sun arrived a wind storm and we were without power for 7 hours today. Exciting! I’m anxiously awaiting spring!


  2. Kat…if at all possible, perhaps we could meet in Jacksonville as you journey from South Florida? I’d love to meet you and hug your precious neck, and we know all the best, off-beat eateries and coffee shops 🙂 You and BE have invested and impacted HUSBAND and I more than you know. If you think it may be possible…send me an email?

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  3. Burgers and pie? How did u guess?!?!?!
    I am so excited to see you and meet BE. I know I’m going to love him.
    Only a couple hours and you will be here 😃

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  4. Enjoy your trip. Definitely visit Williamsburg. Jamestown is close by and great if you are into history. I love that you are taking care of your health. I don’t think there is anything more important than health, physical and mental.

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