Oh, I forgot one more thing I have learned

Journal Entry: June 11, 2014 (Continued)

One more thing I have learned in the past five months:

18)  Sometimes, when you are under extreme stress, your hair falls out and your nails become weak and brittle. A couple months ago, while we were on our Panama Canal cruise, my hair started falling out, large clumps of hair. I have had a thick, dark head of hair since I can remember. I mean, let’s get real, I am 51 years old now, so I have to color the gray roots every few weeks, but the rest of my hair is thick and dark and well, there was A LOT OF IT. But now, with large quantities falling out every day, I can see my scalp, where I could not see it before. I have a bit of OCD and I find myself constantly running my hands through my hair and gathering the strands. I also search my clothing all day for hairs that have fallen out. I can somehow feel the long hairs tickling my arms, even when they have been removed, and are no longer there. Stressing over my hair has become an obsession. Along with my hair, my nails are brittle and are splitting down the middle. My body is failing me. It is the stress.

When I was recently in getting my hair colored, my stylist noticed the hair loss and when he applied conditioner to my hair, his hands were filled with my lost strands. He recommended Biotin, and I am happy to report, for me, it is working. Reducing the stress with meditation and therapy and time, is probably helping too, but I am thinking the Biotin is contributing.

4 thoughts on “Oh, I forgot one more thing I have learned

  1. Same here….huge hair loss but when I spoke to my GP about it and she knows everything she looked at my forehead and told me new hair is growing and to just hope it is the crappy grey ones that are falling out. My hair is so much thinner now too but still thick enough to look ok.
    I realise I am commenting on so many posts….sorry but I just am getting so much from your well written blog and relating to so much of it. I have the day off work and rather than get up I decided to read. I will go to yoga in a couple of hours tho. Xx

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  2. I went through this, too. It really worried me at first… I would run my fingers through my hair and have 20 or more longs strands on my hand. I thought for sure I was going to have bald patches. My brush had so much hair in it every morning, it seemed endless. Eventually it slowed then stopped. My hair is thinner, but not noticably. I guess that’s another part of the fun we get to go through as a result of their selfishness.

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    • For me it was incredibly scary as I have always had a really thick head of hair. I have cursed it, but honestly, I do not know what I would do without it. Cry? Not sure I have enough tears left for crying about hair. It took a few months, but it seems to be growing back, or at least hair is not falling out anymore. My husband was “so helpful” when he told me to stop worrying about the hair loss, it was just causing me more stress. Thanks, honey, for tips on how to keep my stress in check.


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