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Wow, I am full of little posts today. I am still waiting patiently for the mother’s day painting to come back from the framer so I can do a post about it and then officially give it to my mother. The clerk at the framing store was very sweet. When I walked in with it she exclaimed, “I love it!” The next thing she said was how bright and colorful it was. And, of course, my response was… “too bright, huh? That’s what I was afraid of.” My mother is pretty quiet and demure. I told the framer how my family is really sweet with my art, they act like I am giving them a Monet or a Van Gogh, but this was really out there for me. She assured me that if for some reason my mother rejected the painting (which of course she said she knew she wouldn’t), she would buy it from me and hang it in HER living room. I told her I was not expecting my mother to hang it in her living room, just her little sewing room. Ha, she was a very good sales person. She probably suckered me into the most expensive frame in the shop. 😉 .

In the meantime, I am still painting. I have decided to do at least one, maybe a couple, maybe a few paintings using the following photo from 1987 “Hanami” Cherry Blossom viewing in Kyoto, Japan (thinking of you, C.) as inspiration. We were on our way to finding the perfect picnic spot under the big, beautiful, pale pink blossoms. The photo is nearly 30 years old and small and faded, but I believe I can transform it in my painting to the enchanting place it was all those years ago. I’m not sure the grandfather kneeling with his granddaughter at the creek will show up in any of the versions, maybe, they are adorable. I intend to go a little Van Gogh on my first few run throughs. I just adore Van Gogh’s trees and in particular his spring blossoming trees.


My version will be significantly brighter than the above photo. Here is the palette from my mother’s day painting:


I’m still getting used to the bright colors…

5 thoughts on “More inspiration

    • Like music, I like a real variety in my art. I have very subdued and realistic paintings in my house, and I have bright and abstract as well. I do like variety in most things. The cherry blossom photo brings back such amazing memories even though that time in our relationship was fraught with discord as he was in Japan under the command of his parents and I was there trying to figure out if I really wanted to be in a relationship with him (and we come full circle–hopefully sans the parent part now). I did love the Japanese culture and traditions and the people and teaching English, and all my classes. If not for my husband, I most likely never would have lived in Japan, my kids wouldn’t have been in a Japanese immersion program and have been to Japan numerous times and received scholarships to study there, my brother wouldn’t live in Tokyo and have a Japanese wife and 6-month old princess named Leila. I really do need to remember how rich my life is. The last few days I don’t feel like myself. I have been sick and I hate to make excuses, but maybe part of this is menopause? It is so difficult for me to take it all one hour at a time. I hate the pit of despair 😦 .

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