Give It All

I was scouring Facebook and noticed a link to this Train video premiere today. I have always liked Train, but I do tire of the radio stations playing a popular song of theirs over and over, like 100 times a day. Those darn pop radio stations. Anyway, as the USA Today article states, this video was created in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month to call attention to the issue of teen suicide.

Pat Monahan states, “The song is about the deep losses in my life, as most of us have also experienced.”

Give It All

It is so important to remember how precious life is. Even on really really bad days, I am happy to be alive and I am happy for the day Blue Eyes was born, and for every day I have been able to share with him, and I desperately miss the people we have lost, people we have lost to suicide. I am happy for great friendships, my beautiful sons, and my amazing siblings, and my aging parents who taught me to love people with everything I’ve got.

Okay, I’m gonna go run and hug Sammy and Blue Eyes now. Peace.

14 thoughts on “Give It All

      • Love your sense of humour 😜. The only reason I am not commenting much is because I have been working like a crazy lady due to staff shortages. In a quiet time at work I read blogs. I was a bit upset with my reply to your preachy post because I felt it come out all wrong but in the end I think you understood where I was coming from. No way in hell are you preachy . I love how you can find a text like that and we can all join in and analyse the crap out it. It helps us all to gain a better understanding and understanding is the way we can all go forward and try to heal from this place we have been forced to live in.
        I really wonder if one day down the track we will all look back and think……wow….that was a journey!!!!!
        Meanwhile I am feeling I need to write a post. What makes me think about a post is something I read that you wrote. I thank you for being such an insightful and honest person and helping me sort out myself. You probably have no idea how much you are helping others but from me I want to tell you that you have helped me so much!!!!!
        I do believe we will meet up one day because I want it to happen!
        Hugs xxxx

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        • Me too, me too. One or the other of us will travel across the world to meet! Either way, it will be amazing! I am so glad to hear you are just busy with work. Thanks for all the kind words. I do question myself sometimes. I have always enjoyed your blog because you bring a warmth and kindness and gentle spirit to your posts even when you are venting about the “you know whats.” I totally got your earlier comment and it inspired me to take a deep breath and not take myself so seriously. To “let it go.” You are an inspiration in a lot of ways. I have never been to Australia or New Zealand and that is definitely going to happen for me and when I plan it, I will absolutely make sure you are home… am I am going to track down Paula (horses) too. I might have to stalk her, who knows, just kidding. We will feel like old friends. I think we will look back at our journeys and say it was one hell of a ride (and not in a good way) but we are better and stronger now and we can handle anything. Lots of hugs to you! ❤

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  1. The good news is, the healthier we become the less we have to “look” for the brighter side of life. It peaks its beautiful face right out of the frontal cortex of the brain and SCREAMS OUT, “Life is Wonderful!”

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    • That is how I lived for 50 years, happy, and life was wonderful. I never had to go looking for the brighter side, I always lived there. I am happy to be finding that place again, but healing takes time and my husband is still a recovering addict and I want to be with him, so I try to give myself what I need without giving in to the fear. I know there will be a day again soon where the fear is gone and beautiful and happy win. Life IS wonderful. Thank you.

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  2. Beautiful heartfelt song. And you are 100% right, we should always remember how precious life is. And no matter what is going on in our lives to always look at the bright side, and give thanks.

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