Cherry blossoms in July

cherry blossoms in July

I did it. I finished my first oil painting in nearly six years. I completed the actual painting in one day.

just getting started

I prepped the canvas a couple days ago. Before this year, I have never watched TV while painting, but Wimbledon is on and well, to be honest, I am a bit obsessed with men’s tennis. Who would have thought Roger Federer would still be playing at nearly 34 years old. Not only playing, but reaching another grand slam final. In 2000, I watched him play one of my favorite players at the time, Juan Carlos Ferrero. I was riveted the entire match. I just could not believe how magical that kid was to watch. In 2001, I flew off my chair when Roger beat Pete Sampras (not one of my favorite players) in the 4th round of Wimbledon. I think I went hoarse from cheering him on. RF is the most graceful tennis player ever. I have seen him live a few times now including front row at Indian Wells a few years back. It was a double’s match with Stan Wawrinka against Raphael Nadal and Marc Lopez. Amazing and fun tennis. We were so close that when they were at the back of the court talking strategy, Roger was close enough for me to touch him!!! But I didn’t of course. I don’t think they want you to touch them in the middle of a match, or probably ever. 🙂

penciling it in

I first penciled in a really basic outline of what I would paint.

laying in the rocks

Then I added some grays in the form of rocks and trees.

adding in some greens

Then I added some greens and browns.

final painting‘Cherry Blossoms’, 24″ x 30″, oil on canvas

Above: about an hour ago, I finished the painting. I love working in oils and I rather like the whimsical feeling of this painting. I probably won’t even paint over it.

I can’t believe I finished an oil painting in one day. Maybe lack of sleep isn’t so bad after all.

16 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms in July

  1. That is just beautiful Kat!!!!

    Hey did I see you over on another blog about sociopaths? Or is there another Kat? If so I have more questions for you 🙂 LOL I’m full of them. Trying reallllly hard in my old age to get smart.

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  2. Beautifully done, and lovely colors. I have never been into tennis, but on several occasions I had the opportunity to go to Wimbledon, it was very near my in laws place. I never had a chance to eat the strawberries and cream (who are we kidding, I’m only going for the food LOL).

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    • Lucky you!!! My in-laws were stricken with food poisoning at Wimbledon. Surely that would be the safest place in the world for us to go at this point and NOT see them. 🙂 . We heard about that food poisoning incident for at least two years. Yum, strawberries and cream. It is definitely the season for that. Maybe I will eat strawberries and cream while watching the men’s final tomorrow!

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  3. Beautiful paintings.
    I’ll try not to hold it against you that Pete Sampras wasn’t one of your favs 😜. My sis and I were slightly obsessed with him. We spent many dawn mornings in the queue for Wimbledon every June. Those were the days……

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    • Okay. I know Pete was an amazing tennis player, but there is just something about the grace of some players. Pete always came off as arrogant to me, but after seeing him interviewed, it may have been shyness. I am partial to the spaniards myself, but RF is an anomaly. I am not fond of the power hitters (come on, America, where are our graceful male tennis players! 🙂 ). I have been to Roland Garros, and the US Open, plus many other lesser tournaments. I desperately want to go to the Australian and Wimbledon. Men’s tennis is an obsession of mine for sure!


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