Note to self

Stay the course!

jackson lakeJackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Be positive. Stay positive. Don’t let the messed up world we live in get me down. Remember my blessings. Always remember to be good and kind. Remember I am unique and my situation is unique and my marriage is unique. I love my husband. He is making the necessary changes to be the man he wanted to be all along.

Life is full of challenges. I get to decide what is good for me. I get to decide what I really want and what makes me happy. The pain is giving way to healing.

We are currently on day 9 of a 12 day road trip through the states of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, and loving it. I came down with a bad cold and cough on the very first day of the trip. Despite that, we have had a blast. The scenery has been awe inspiring. The time spent with Blue Eyes… wonderful.

My next post will highlight some of the ups and downs, and the laughter and tears of this pretty amazing trip. For now, I am doing fine.

Peace ❤

26 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. So happy to hear of your exciting adventures. The pictures are breathtaking. Feel better soon, too. Enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing your journey. Looking at the bright side of it all is much more worth it.

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    • Yes, I am trying to shut out a lot of the negative energy that comes from sources that don’t really understand our situation, or even just the overall negative vibe of the press, the stress around societal issues in general, etc…. Sometimes it gets to me. Of course BE and I struggle because recovery from infidelity and sex addiction is no picnic, as you know. Maintaining a positive attitude is working wonders. I always appreciate your sunny attitude and beautiful smile. ❤


      • Thanks CK – it’s been a good few days of autumnal sunshine here in London but the rain has descended. To be expected! I LOVE Arches. Like being on another planet. Such beautiful sandstone sculptures. Beautiful.


        • There are the clearest bluest skies today in Utah. We return to Portland, Oregon on Thursday. Most likely we will have clouds, rain, and wind by the third week of October, so we are thoroughly enjoying this warmth and sunshine. ♥️

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