Strong a.f.

I’m currently on a plane to San Francisco to spend a long weekend with Blue Eyes, being touristy. We’ve been to the Bay Area dozens of times, Blue Eyes was actually born just outside the city, but this time I wanted to do a couple walking tours, Chinatown and Little Italy... some history, some food, … Continue reading Strong a.f.


When I was a little girl my Grandma worked at a Veterans of America thrift shop in Southeast Portland. The store was walking distance to my Grandparent's house (the one where I would garden with my Grandpa John on warm summer days). Grandma Elsie had a cute little tan miniature poodle named Tina that she … Continue reading Barbies

Give It All

I was scouring Facebook and noticed a link to this Train video premiere today. I have always liked Train, but I do tire of the radio stations playing a popular song of theirs over and over, like 100 times a day. Those darn pop radio stations. Anyway, as the USA Today article states, this video … Continue reading Give It All