Accountability Report. Week One.

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One week and one day ago, I posted about my health. I was experiencing some anxiety, chest tightness, indigestion, back pain, high blood sugars, and uncontrolled hypertension. I wasn’t watching my diet, and I wasn’t exercising.

We spend a lot of time on planes, which adds to risk factors for heart attack or stroke. I also have some anxiety on planes and while traveling due to past acting out by my husband, and past stalking events.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. They ran fasting blood and urine tests. The results were mostly as expected. My A1C was not as high as I was expecting at 7.3, but still above where it needs to be, and way above where I would like it to be. My last test about 10 months ago was at 6.4. My blood pressure readings had been averaging about 160/85 at home. Higher at the doc’s office. My at-home fasting blood glucose numbers were averaging above 200. On testing day, the blood glucose result was 211. My triglycerides are high (even though I take medication). Even my cholesterol was elevated at 200. It has never been above 160 in the past. Good news, all my home monitoring systems are functioning. Bad news, I am falling apart.

I asked the doctor to give me four weeks before re-running the tests and I didn’t want to take any additional medications. I want to see what I can do on my own with healthy eating and proper exercise. My biggest obstacle to long term health is thinking that I can incorporate short term fixes to long term problems. I need to make the changes and make them last.

Doc prescribed me a round Omeprazole for the indigestion and Ativan for the anxiety. Yikes! Ativan is what my sister abuses. She walks around like a zombie. I am to take 1/2 tablet before getting on an airplane. We shall see if Ativan ever crosses my lips. Maybe incorporating better breathing exercises will do the trick. I am afraid of Ativan almost as much as I am afraid of the stalker.

Before last Monday’s doctor appointment, my husband and I had committed to a healthy eating plan. I am an old pro at this since I have kept track of my food and nutrient intake many times before. Blue Eyes has never been on a “diet” and has never kept track of his food intake. For the first week of my new healthy lifestyle, I committed to the following:

1) goal calorie intake 1300-1400 per day

2) goal: 25-30 grams fiber per day

3) cut out all caffeine (hopefully to aid the indigestion and because most of the caffeine I consume is in the form of chocolate, which usually comes with sugar)

4) cut out all refined and processed sugars

5) limit dairy products

6) cut out red meat

7) minimum three full vegetarian days per week, minimum 5-7 servings of fruits & veggies per day

8) minimum number of steps (started at 5000, increased to 7500, and then increased to 8000)

9) two types of exercise per day, minimum 30 minutes each

10) 7.5-8 hours of sleep per night

The doctor requested that I take my blood pressure once each morning, and that I take a fasting blood glucose reading every morning before breakfast.

I am happy to report:

– My average daily calorie intake for the week was 1271 (a little low, I need to remember healthy food is fuel)

– My average daily fiber intake for the week was 22g (low, but I am working on it)

– no caffeine for the week

– no sugars for the week (other than those naturally occurring in whole foods such as fruits)

– limited dairy products

– no red meat

– two full vegetarian days

– I averaged 7643 steps per day

– I exercised at least twice per day: Saturday & Sunday included two 30 minute walks per day, Monday-Thursday included one 30+ minute walk, plus 35 minutes on the elliptical per day, and Friday included one 40 minute walk and a 45 minute tennis lesson.

– I averaged 7 hours and 48 minutes sleep per night

Quantifiable results of my progress also include:

– Blood sugars went from 200 (2/7), 170 (2/8), 174 (2/9), 167 (2/10), 174 (2/11), 172 (2/12), 148 (2/13), 141 (2/14)

– Blood pressure has now normalized and has averaged 122/72 over the past five days

– I have gone from 195 to 192, loss of three pounds.

– I no longer have chest pain and have not suffered anxiety for the entire week. My back has stopped hurting. My indigestion has decreased by 90%. I feel better.

Right now, my whole body kind of aches from the tennis lesson yesterday, but it is a good kind of ache.

I think I will take a hot bath with lavender oil to reward myself. Thanks for all the support last week. It really helped!

See you again next week. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Accountability Report. Week One.

  1. I’m still trying to get through your whole blog, but wanted to chime in. Taking care of yourself at this time is so important. I’m a big believer that sugar is the enemy of us over 50 gals. I have also moved towards whole foods and feel so much better. My weight is so much easier to maintain, and my belly fat is much reduced. We love our Vitamix and I usually have a green smoothie for breakfast. I like to get a jump on those 5-7 fruits and vegetables each day. I’m so happy you had such immediate results. I hope the next month has gone as well. I’ll keep reading to find out. I’ll wait until I’m done to comment on the real reason for your blog. You are such a strong person. Jules

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  2. If your son has never heard of the bullet maybe he can start a new craze?

    The thing with the whole30 eating is that you dont count calories or watch portion sizes. Once it becomes a habit it is easy to do. I had a major cleanout of my pantry and threw out so much processed junk. it is now filled with nuts, coconut flours, dates, quinoa etc. It also means being a bit more organised and some days I fail miserably at that but i aim for 80% good eating. Coconut water is good hydration. We also drink what we call swamp water which is 2 liters of water with a scoop of superfood and chia seeds and drink that instead of water.
    Do you have the cooking machine known as the Thermomix? They are amazing and useful when eating whole foods. A really good blender is otherwise a necessity.

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    • I’ll have to talk with my son about this when we see him in NYC next month 🙂
      I have never heard of a Thermomix. I don’t think we have such a thing in the US?
      We have three juicers as we used them for our apples when we are making hard cider, but we need to get a better blender. The juicers just extract juice, which of course does not have the essential fiber.

      What does the Thermomix do?


      • The thermomix is a German made cooking machine. It has been a big hit in Europe and it came to aust and nz a few years ago.
        It basically replaces about 10 appliances. It weighs, cooks, makes dough, juices, blends, grates, steams, mills, whisks. Makes the best creme brûlée, mash sweet potato is a dream , date balls, smoothies, I make an ice cream with frozen banana and frozen coconut cream.
        I know they are soon to hit the U.S. If you ever have a chance to go to a thermomix party you will be shown how to make a six course dinner in 2 hours with the demonstrator talking the whole time. Amazing. xxx


  3. Hi Kat, congrats on week one. I can understand that travelling will be a challenge as it changes everything in your routine.
    You will get plenty of fibre on whole 30 or that style of eating. I always had a sluggish digestion elimination but eating whole changed that. I had to have a colonoscopy a few months back and had to a diet with no fibre for a week beforehand. It was hideous to eat without fruit and veg. Lol.
    Glad you are still thinking about doing the whole30. It may change everything. Thing is that after that month and if you continue to eat that way you can still incorporate ‘bad’ foods as long as the majority of your foods are good. Think 80/20 with the 20 being those ‘sometimes’ foods.
    How was coming off coffee? Headache?
    Licorice tea is a wonderful substitute they told me on the health retreat I went to. A nice strong flavoursome brew which I still love. I went back to coffee tho and often have what we call here a ‘bullet’ coffee which is a shot of espresso mixed with a tablespoon coconut oil and a tablespoon butter and frothed up with a tad of cold filtered water. It wakes up the leptin hormone in our bodies and aids weight loss. Research it.
    Good luck!

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    • Hi CF. I will slowly adapt. What do you eat for your proteins? I have eliminated red meat for now along with most dairy. I still have the grains in. When I start the Whole30, I want to be able to accomplish it for the thirty days as intended. I am not worried about waiting. As I eliminate foods, it will just be that much easier when I get to it… most likely second week of April when we return from Miami. I will post about it when I start, and also email you if I have any questions. In the meantime, I am calorie counting. You know, I have never consumed coffee. When I was younger, that level of caffeine (or something in the coffee) gave me stomach cramping. I drink herbal tea and water. That’s it. That bullet coffee does sound interesting though. It sounds like something my son would like. We have a nespresso maker. Can you froth the coconut oil, butter, and water in the regular frother? I will research it. I am definitely looking forward to getting the weight off and getting off the meds if possible. I feel like once I get closer to my goal weight, the 80/20 will work for me. Thanks for your support!


      • Nespresso is ideal. Make a shot. Then in the frother put in coconut oil, butter and cold water then froth it heater on and it becomes creamy then pour into the coffee. Even paleo cafes here are making it because of the benefits it gives.
        The proteins I eat are eggs and all meats. I always make sure to have a protein in each meal.
        Some meals when I work are a smoothie which I make at yoga. It includes pure pea protein powder, banana, avo,kale, superfood powder, fresh ginger and fresh turmeric ( good for inflammation) and water. Perfect filling breakfast when I don’t have the time to cook breakfast. Breakfast is often a plate of egg,avo,tomato and bacon. If I have a smoothie for breakfast then I have the egg dish for lunch. Dinner is often just meat and vegetables and salad. I cook only with coconut oil and I snack on date balls if I feel I need something sweet. So easy to cut out grains and dairy once it becomes a habit. Date balls are dates, walnuts, cacao,Acai powder and goji berries blended and then rolled in coconut.
        Do you have my email?i can send you heaps of

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        • Your email should show up somewhere private (for my eyes only) when you leave a comment (and vice versa with my email). I’ll email you. Would love some recipes. Date balls sound good, without the coconut. I am fine with coconut oil and coconut milk, but not dried coconut… just not to my taste. My son and mother LOVE coconut. I’ll make one of those coffees for my son… if he thinks it’s good for him, he’ll love it. Our older son actually works at a coffee shop in Manhattan now. I’ll ask him if they serve bullets for their Australian customers. 🙂 He is trying to decide on grad school and he took the coffee shop job because it pays big tips, who knew? I haven’t read everything about the Whole30 yet, are their max portion recommendations for the proteins?


  4. Great Job. I have been very successful by removing all grains from my diet and of course sugar. I limit my carbohydrate intake to between 35 and 60 per day from mostly fresh vegetables but not root vegetables. I eat grass fed beef, buffalo, lamb or cage free chicken when I eat meat. I also eat two cage free eggs each morning. I take in many calories, but keep losing weight. Good luck with your journey, it is not an easy one by any means, but when you find the key you will be the master of your health.

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    • Thanks for the comment. I have a blogger friend who suggested the Whole30 diet, which sounds similar to your eating plan. I decided to start with calorie counting and cutting out most of what I am calling the “bad” stuff. It seems everyone’s bad stuff is a little different. Currently I am following the plan designed for me by my diabetes dietician and incorporating exercise into the routine, which I know I can follow 80-90% of time ongoing. I travel a lot and am concerned with cutting out all grains/dairy “cold turkey.” I will be gone to SLC, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, and NYC leaving in a couple weeks. I return mid-ish March and then have a trip to Miami on the books. After that… I am going to give the Whole30 a try for the recommended 30 days. At home I can control everything and will be better equipped to cook healthy, tasty, on-plan meals without getting frustrated. I have a few allergy symptoms I would like to eliminate and I think cutting out the grains and dairy might just do the trick. Where do you get your fiber?

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  5. Absolutely awesome.
    (Do you have a Fitbit? One of those gizmos you can wear on your wrist that counts your steps? I don’t have one but my fitness blogger friends rave about it). Keep up the great work, Kat!

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    • Hi Amanda. I have an old “Up” band that is falling apart and inconsistent. But, I just received last week in the mail from friends who follow the blog, a brand new Fitbit, which will go into use tomorrow. I am very excited to have a working band again. Thanks for the support!


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