It’s tomorrow

Yeah, per how I left yesterday’s post, it’s tomorrow and I’m dealing with it and I realized how off I am.

Discovery day was January 11, 2014.

Somehow I thought yesterday was the 11th? Well here in the United States of America TODAY is January 11th.

I really only had one D-day. There was a lot of trickle truth and the harrowing discovery 9 months in of a “fourth acting out partner.” The “Blue Eyes please slap me across the face before you fuck me” failed one night stand. SHUDDER. The damage had already been done.

January 11th was the day.

Today, I feel nothing. Well, nothing bad or traumatizing that is. I’m scrambling around preparing for our vacation to Hawaii tomorrow. We postponed it from the end of November to now because we were so sick after the European and Japanese business trips last Fall.

Eight days of total and utter relaxation in 80 degree sunshine. Bring it on!

21 thoughts on “It’s tomorrow

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  2. Oh wow! Hawaii! I’m so happy for you! Hope you’re having or had a great time! Your post haven’t been coming to my reader and hadn’t seen you in a while, I guess I just assumed you left the blog world or took some time off!
    Your new picture is beautiful you are shining!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Thank you, BB. Nope, not leaving blogging. Hawaii was fabulous, even extended an extra day. There will almost always be issues with sex addicts, I’ll write about it soon, but Hawaii was wonderful. I hope you are well! xo

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  3. My “so I’ve been in a non physical emotional only relationship with rhymes-with-schmolleen for most of this year, she really listened and ‘got’ me but it’s over now, nbd, now let’s go to the New Year’s Eve party so I can kiss you at midnight and convince myself and the neighbours that I’m awesome, no damage done, I ended it, didn’t love her, didn’t fuck her, will continue to work with her, are we good? We’re good!” Day was New Year’s Eve 2013, so 2 weeks before you. I was in such a manipulated confused haze and naturally looked like the grumpy bitch wife of mr super fun do-no-wrong. Of course 9 months later, he finally told me the rest of the truth about how she spent most of their “relationship” on her knees. So happy anniversary to us!

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    • Oh the horrifying memories, damaging triggers, and disgusting acts of our supposed life partners. Happy Anniversary, indeed. I don’t think about the other woman much anymore, but I do still have that empty place where trust used to reside. And the not good enough feelings. Why wasn’t I a safe place. Why did he have to seek out any other woman, for anything. It sucks, but time has healed a lot of the most destructive wounds. Happy New Year, Lemondrop. I hope 2019 is a great year for all of us! ❤️


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